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3 Best Gifts for Active Dogs

Active dogs are some of the most entertaining and lovable creatures any family could own.  Unfortunately, if you don’t keep them entertained, they can grow bored, which leads to being more destructive.  Instead of letting that happen: why not surprise them with a gift?

These are the three best gifts for active and smart dogs, and why they’re the best choice possible.  

Why Keeping Active Dogs Busy Matters

Keeping an active dog busy could save your sanity and the safety of your belongings.  When an active dog gets bored or isn’t allowed to run out of its energy, it can turn its focus to your property.  This can lead to chewing, shredding, barking, and being a general menace because they have a lot of pent-up energy.  

Even three daily walks can be often enough to simmer your dog’s behavior down into something far more manageable. 

1- Automated Ball Throwers

If you have a good-sized yard, one of the best things you can get for your dog is an automatic ball thrower.  These machines allow you, or your dog, to drop the ball into a top slot, and then it flings it far away.

Active dogs love these toys because it gives them something to chase and run after, and they can even reload it themselves if they want.  Some active dogs can stay busy on this for hours without getting bored.

2- Dog Harness

A dog harness is a wonderful gift for any active pup!  These allow the owner and dog to connect and go on walks without any tugging or vigorous struggle.  This is easier for everyone involved and makes walks far more enjoyable.  

Look for a harness that will fit your dog perfectly while still giving them a full range of motion.  You don’t have to buy a fancy harness as your first one; the simple strap-style is great for starting out.

3- Clever Treat Toys

Treat toys are a big deal for anyone eager to help their dogs stay active but still challenge their minds.  These toys require your dog to use its brain to solve simple problems before it can get a reward.  It’s fun to watch them work and awesome to cheer them on when they finally get the prize!

Puzzle toys are generally affordable, coming in at less than ten dollars from retailers like Walmart or Amazon.  

Toys and Treats to Avoid for Active Dogs

If your dog is active, there’s a chance it can get destructive when bored.  Because of this, you should avoid any soft or plush toys that aren’t geared toward chewing.  You should also, as a general rule, avoid rawhide since it’s difficult for most dogs to digest and can leave them feeling unwell for days.  

Your Pup Deserves the Best!

Regardless of how old your dog is, how long they’ve had this energy streak, or how quickly they’ll get worn out from exercising: keeping your active dog going is a great experience.  You should want the most for your dog, so make that possible! 

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