3 Books for the nature lover in you

If you are looking for ways to protect your environment, then firstly it’s imperative to learn about the different issues that cause threats to the environment. Listed below are some of the best non-fiction books that will help you understand the issues. We assure you these book recommendations will leave you contemplating environmental issues long after you are done reading them. If you are an avid reader and even a tad bit concerned about the environment, then you must definitely give them a read.

Nature’s Fortune

This book is a great eye-opener for all human beings. Nature’s Fortune by Mark R. Tercek and Jonathan S. Adams leaves us contemplating in the first part itself. We begin thinking if all the man-made infrastructures to control the sea, dams for holding water, and sewers to control water pollution are even worth it? Isn’t green infrastructure enough to control nature?

The act of guarding oneself from nature has become an act of capitalism now. People and big companies responsible for making these defence infrastructures have turned greedy because the cost of protecting nature is much lower than investing in gray infrastructure.  And the benefits from these short-term investments are huge. One of the results of this is the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Nature is fully able to provide protection to human beings. Let’s know how. Oyster Reefs are not only providing habitat to hundreds and thousands of other marine species but also help in filtering the water and making it clean. Lakes and Reservoirs are gifts of nature to humankind. They do the same job that man- made dams and levees fulfil. These nature’s gift is more than enough to keep our planet afloat. if you are looking Essay Writers Online you can visit here –

Major Takeaways from Nature’s Fortune are- The best protection against Mother nature is no protection. Nature is self- sufficient in healing itself. Big companies and industries should be curbed from causing any more harm to the environment than they already have. If we leave nature for its own protection, then we can stop worrying about its depleting resources because nature replenishes itself.

If you wish to take a deep dive into such topics, then we highly recommend you to go through book summaries and audio book summaries on the RollingSlate website.


Farmageddon is one of the most interesting pieces by authors Philip Lymbery and Isabel Oakeshott. This piece is about how industrial farming is affecting our life without us even realizing it. Industrial Farming is one of the major causes of depleting our wealth and polluting our atmosphere. It is one of the key reasons that makes us unhealthy.

Industrial farming has some grave effects on water and air. Not only does it poison air and water, it is also responsible for killing various species of bees and birds. Stuffing farm animals together in small places and Fish farming are also causing serious threats to the environment.

Industrial farming poses a serious threat to humans too. Stuffing animals in small spaces gives birth to many viruses and bacteria. Those viruses and bacteria are communicable and get transferred to humans too when they consume this factory farm meat. Factory farm meat is also a major cause of obesity in humans.

Major takeaways from Farmageddon are that Industrial Farming should be prohibited eternally as it is a major threat to the environment and humans. It is responsible for exhausting our natural resources like oil, land, air, water and causing famines.Only Organic Farming should be practiced worldwide. 

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The Burning Question

The Burning Question by Duncan Clark & Mike Berners-Lee covers one of the major issues of the 21st century, i.e climate change. He points out the root problem of climate change, how it started in the first place, its consequences, and how we can collectively emerge victorious from this issue.

To understand this issue let’s dive into what causes climate change. Carbon-di- oxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide are three gases which are posing a great threat to our climate. Government promises to use more greener and responsible ways to curb this situation but all in vain. Honestly, government responsible actions are not enough in building a sustainable future. If we want to emerge victorious from this climate change issue, then devaluing the price of infrastructures and fossil fuels is essential. If you want to learn more about climate change, then book summaries along with audio book summaries are available on the RollingSlate website.

We hope that these three non- fiction books turn out to be an eye opener and instil the value of protecting the environment for yourself and for the generations to come.

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