3 Strategies to Unleash Your Online Store’s Potential and Increase Ecommerce Sales

On average, an ecommerce store in the U.S. makes about $127,000 in revenues annually.

There are stores that make a lot less, especially the new ones, and there are a handful that generate millions of dollars in annual revenues.

As a small ecommerce store owner, your primary goal is to increase ecommerce sales year over year. This, as you might have realized, is easier said than done. 80-90 percent of all ecommerce businesses fail.

So, what can you do to increase your online sales and give your e-store a better chance of succeeding? Here are three proven strategies.

1. Focus on Ecommerce Traffic Conversion

When you’re running an online business, you know the importance of website traffic. You certainly already have an elaborate search engine optimization strategy, as well as strategies to draw traffic from social media and other sources.

Unfortunately, some business owners over-focus on site traffic and pay little attention to traffic conversion. You see, it’s of little value if the vast majority of the visitors coming to your ecommerce website aren’t making any purchases. So, you’re stuck in a paradoxical situation where site traffic is super high, but sales are very low.

It’s time to focus on implementing strategies that help with site traffic conversion. For example, are your landing pages optimized for conversion? Increase their load speed, make them visually appealing, and ensure the call to action is on point.

How about your checkout process? Is it seamless?

If you’re not an ecommerce web design expert, get help. An experienced agency like can audit your website and implement changes that will increase your traffic conversion rate.

2. Diversify Your Ecommerce Channels

A good number of ecommerce agency business owners prefer selling on their own websites – and with good reason. A direct-to-consumer approach gives you complete operational control and increases your margins since you don’t have to work with wholesalers, brokers, or other distribution third parties.

However, sticking to just website sales can stifle the growth of your customer base. A proven strategy for increasing your sales is to diversify your ecommerce channels.

Look beyond your website and start selling on Amazon, Etsy, and other large ecommerce marketplaces like Temu, you can read more how they expand rapidly in the world of eCommerce.

With this diversification, you’ll access new audiences and increase your sales.

3. Enhance the Shipping and Delivery Experience

Your shipping strategy is central to the success of your online store. Obviously, you want orders to get to customers as quickly as possible, but are you overly focusing on super-quick deliveries at the expense of the overall shipping and delivery experience?

Same-day and next-day shipping is amazing, yes, but when you look at the data, over 60 percent of online shoppers are happy with a 3-day shipping period. They value order confirmation and accurate delivery schedules instead.

Fast shipping is desirable, but if you don’t have the right infrastructure, you can end up making delivery promises that you can’t keep. This will hurt customer confidence in your brand and hurt repeat sales.

It’s better to focus on the 3-day delivery window and offer your customers a reliable delivery experience that will build their trust and make them loyal customers.

Increase Ecommerce Sales with Proven Methods

Running an ecommerce store at a time when most people are shopping online is a master stroke. But new stores are opening every day, creating a competitive environment. Be sure to use these proven strategies to increase ecommerce sales and grow your business.

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