3 Types of Construction Companies

We are surrounded by evidence of construction outside everywhere we go. From tall buildings and skyscrapers to small homes and apartments and even to roads and paths – a construction company was behind it all! There is a lot that goes into construction projects to be able to get them off the ground and turn those dreams into reality. With each construction job, there is a certain type of construction company that specializes in a certain realm of a construction project. Each company has its own processes but can come together to fulfill all sorts of construction needs. These four types of construction companies are some of the major companies involved in every day projects that we see around us.

Architect and Design Firms

A construction company that you are probably decently familiar with is the architecture and design firms. This company is one of the very first steps in starting any construction project. Their main job is to draw up and measure design plans for other companies to use as blueprints to follow. It is important to be exact in this line of work, as one small measurement that is off could damage the whole infrastructure. Many architecture and design firms are hired by other construction companies such as project owners or real estate firms and they also assist in processing applications from other companies looking to get onto a project as well.

Engineering Firm

You will often find engineering firms working with architecture firms to assist in the drawing-up plans phase of a project. The primary objective of an engineering firm is to evaluate a design and project from a mathematical and safety standpoint. Ensuring that any designs made by the architecture firm are safe and follow all the codes necessary for a site is the vital task that the construction company of an engineering firm is responsible for. The protection of people and the environment is another aspect of an engineering firm and they are in charge of making any modifications to existing plans drawn up by other construction companies.

General Contractor

When it comes to smaller or more personal projects, people usually tend to look towards a general contractor. They usually work closely with property owners and are one of the companies hired to help fulfill projects such as homes or apartments to name a few. Each general contractor is licensed and well versed in the codes and regulations of a specific area. It is usually recommended that a general contractor should be hired at the beginning of a project in order to help identify any potential pitfalls to a project and help to modify them accordingly.

Many Moving Parts

Each construction company has many demands and needs to fulfill everyday and on every project. In order for the construction to run smoothly, there are many moving parts to ensure quality and effectiveness in finishing any construction project. With all these integral parts, if you are looking to simplify the demands on your plate and grow your business, then look into accounting for construction companies. They can sort, maintain and prioritize certain financial needs in your company and lend a hand to help grow and expand a construction business. All of these different construction companies play a pivotal role in the structures that we can enjoy today. Each one has their unique roles that they fill and different aspects that need to run smoothly in order to be effective. If you need a helping hand with someone who specializes in the construction field, reach out to the construction accountant today!

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