4 Tips on How You Can Use a Solvent Trap Properly

What is a solvent trap?

A solvent trap is a device that can be attached to the threaded muzzle of a gun in order to capture the fluids that are used to clean your weapon. The solvent trap contains a cotton wad that is used to soak up the solvent. The cotton wad is placed into a container and allowed to dry overnight. The next morning the cotton wad is removed and the solvent is poured back onto the cotton ball. The solvent is then placed back into the container for storage until it is needed again. 

4 Tips on How You Can Use a Solvent Trap Properly

Solvent traps are a great way to cut back on costs and save money when cleaning your gun. Tips are as below

  1. utilize the purifying pole appropriately
  2. run the spot through various types
  3. switch between spots as well as a bore brush
  4. use greasing up compound

How solvent traps work.

Solvent traps are containers that are attached to the threaded end of a gun barrel and are used to capture cleaning fluids and other residues that may be produced when cleaning a weapon. The containers are also known as “soak” cups or “mojos”. The solvent traps are placed on the end of the barrel, and the gun is pointed away from the user. Then, the cleaning solvent is poured into the trap, which will catch the residue that is produced when the gun is fired. The solvent trap is then removed from the barrel and is disposed of properly.

Types of solvent traps.

Solvent traps are often used to transport solvent to and from cleaning stations to the range. They are usually made of high-density polyethylene and can be used to hold a variety of solvents. Most solvent traps are designed in a way that they can be attached directly to the muzzle of your weapon. There are a variety of different types, but the most common are:

Benefits of using solvent traps.

It’s a fact that most of the people who own weapons own a gun cleaning kit. Although some people think that the gun cleaning kit is a complete waste of time, there are many others who believe that it’s necessary. It is an important part of the gun ownership experience. Cleaning your gun will keep it in good condition and will extend its life. The process of cleaning a gun is relatively simple, but it is important to be extremely cautious. You should never take your eyes off the gun while cleaning it because it can cause accidents. There are many different ways to clean a gun. However, the most commonly used method is when using a solvent trap.


Solvent traps are an inexpensive alternative to the solvent trap found in range and cleaning kits. A solvent trap is a great accessory to have with you while cleaning your firearm. Solvent traps are a useful device when cleaning guns or just being safe in the process. 

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