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4 Tips to help you impress your Softball Coach

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced softball player, you must make an effort to watch out for your coach since the buck stops with them. For instance, they determine your success on the pitch and career-wise as a professional softball player. As such, giving your softball coach a wrong impression about yourself could make you warm the bench frequently or be dismissed from the team. So, if you’re planning to go for a tryout or softball game, here are some tips that can help you impress your softball coach. 

  1. Make sure to keep time and always be prepared

Like players who keep time, all coaches are ready and warming up on the pitch some minutes before playtime. Coaches hardly take seriously a player who fumbles all the time and make others wait for her. To avoid such blunders, always get prepared in advance. Besides, be ready to learn what your coach teaches and take it positively. Try to develop a pleasant personality that demonstrates your appreciation for your training.

  1. Cultivate a positive attitude and be approachable

Attitude matters a lot, and coaches adore a positive and winning attitude. Essentially, it’s an indication that you’re coachable. It’s common for star players to get dismissed from their teams based on a lousy attitude. If a player shows a negative attitude, they can eventually bring down the whole team in terms of killing team spirit. Additionally, it would help if you endeavored to avoid complaining about everything but try to solve issues you feel uncomfortable with properly, whether on the pitch or locker room. 

  1. Give your best

It’s essential to always work hard, especially on the pitch. Don’t mind if people are watching you or not. Instead, give it your all in the game and the coach will surely notice and appreciate your efforts. Besides, always ask questions about the things you need help understanding. Coaches are always willing to assist players that show determination. 

  1. Cultivate discipline

Your skills must play a crucial role in getting you to the top. However, it takes character to remain at the top to achieve this milestone. No coach appreciates a disrespectful player. As such, showing respect means that you’re ready to receive instructions. Additionally, how you relate with your teammates or opponents matters a lot. So it is because; coaches tend to use this information when searching for new players. Finally, you must try to adhere to all the established rules. Being disciplined requires you to work hard to acquire all the skills that can make you an asset to the team. Conversely, try as much as possible to avoid controversies, such as getting involved in fights or other unbecoming behaviors that may get you dismissed. 


Trying to impress your coach is easier than you have seen. For instance, developing a positive attitude will help you to impress your coach. It makes them feel appreciated and bolsters their chances of becoming a player in the teams they coach. 

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