4 Types of Technologies You Need To Know About

The product of transferring scientific knowledge to practical work is known as technology. Technology is constantly improving daily to make life convenient for the human being. There are varieties of technology in this contemporary era which make human life convenient. For example, the Internet makes communication easy and fast, and transport makes travelling quick and easy. The most common technologies are Communication, Transport, Energy and Electrical technology. For a brief knowledge of different technologies, it would be ideal to visit Rahasiatekno and surfing the platform carefully.

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  1. Communication Technology

Technology such are cell phones, television and the Internet comes under communication technology.

  • Internet

Internet is the most popular mode of communication. Internet works very fast, so it is also considered the most rapid mode of communication. It is easily accessible through mobile phones or computers. People can easily communicate worldwide by written text message, or they can also use voice calling features. The Internet provides many other features, such as video calls; it is one of the best features as a person can easily interact face to face even if they are miles away from each other.

 The Internet was very resourceful in many ways at the time of the global pandemic. Education is one of the essential things for a country internet made that happen. A teacher was able to teach the whole class through Google Meet or Zoom app at the same time. The Internet also provided people with a way to work at home without worrying about getting in touch with Covid-19 coronavirus.

  • Television

One of the greatest and oldest forms of entertainment. Television transmits a signal over which video and audio are played on the TV. Television provides the user with a lot of channels. Users can select the type of channel they want to see. News channels provide information about local and worldwide news, which helps the user be updated on their surroundings. Some channels are even for Kids where they can watch cartoons, rhymes etc. Music and Dance channels are also available on TV one can choose according to their choice.

  • Transport Technology

Transportation made many things more accessible, such as travelling, importing and exporting. However, before the invention of vehicle, technology travelling was not convenient as today.

  • GPS (Global Positioning System) 

The development of the navigation system was a deal-breaker; it is considered one of the best inventions. It is used for finding the location. It can be easily accessible via the Internet on computers or mobile phones with Google Maps or Apple Maps. People can also share their location to get to know about the location of different places. GPS features in many devices, such as large tracking systems used by corporations and government and smartwatches.

  • Airways (Flight)

Flight is a convenient and fastest mode of transport; it can travel miles within just a few hours. In addition, people often travel by flight in emergency cases. Flight can also travel to places where land transports are unable to reach.

  • Land transport

Land transport is easy to access and is economical for everyone. Moreover, land transport such as Train and Metro are speedy one can travel easily from one place to another in less time. With these technological advancements and the latest technology, bikes and cars do not have petrol or diesel engine; instead, they run on batteries. This helps a lot in pollution control of the environment. Moreover, vehicles like cars have many safety measures like airbags that protect the driver or passenger during a collision.

  • Energy-based technology

This technology helps generate energy from different resources such as wind and Solar energy. These technologies generate power and are stored to serve them on various occasions.

  • Solar Energy

One of the well-known power generators worldwide is solar energy. Solar energy works on the mechanism of heat; when direct sunlight approaches the solar plate, it starts generating electricity and stores them in batteries. A lot of people use solar energy for different kinds of purposes, such as agriculture. In this modern era, agriculture requires a lot of energy to run types of equipment, so many farmers build solar power plants on their farms. Industrial areas, high buildings, malls and shopping complexes also have solar power plants.

  • Wind energy

Wind energy is generated through a wind turbine, also known as a windmill. Wind turbines are tall pillars with three wings known as propellers located on open plains or within the ocean where the wind is more vigorous and generate the most energy. Energy starts generating as soon as propellers start spinning, and then that energy is stored in batteries directly transmitted to a particular place.

  • Electrical Technology

Most of the modern technology today requires electricity to run. Therefore, electrical technology is an essential aspect of all the technology. Some of the electrical technologies are computers, Artificial Intelligence and software.

  • Computer 

The most helpful technology these days is the computer. The computer runs on electricity. That’s why it is conceder as Electrical technology. The computer is a vital piece of work in every sector, whether government or private. Most of the data and office work are stored on computers. Apart from this, the computer can be a source of entertainment and multimedia. Users can watch movies, listen to songs, or even play games on the computer.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI is designed as computer-based software to perform several activities autonomously, such as design making and performing actions. Artificial Intelligence is used in everyday life; for instance, it works as a face lock and in GPS systems and voice assistants. Artificial intelligence improved the living standard of the human being.

  • Software

Software is a program designed to help a computer work properly and provide a better experience to the user. Most of the software aims to provide entertainment to the user and an efficient way of doing work. For example, Grammarly is designed to correct the grammar of those users who are not very good at English; this makes the user more comfortable doing the task more efficiently.


Without any doubt, technology has a huge role to play in order to make our life easy and make impossible things happen. It would be tough to imagine a single day in our life without use of any technology. We have discussed 4 common types of technology and what kind of impact they have on us.  

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