49730116 Error Code How can I fix 49730116 error message?

NBA 2K20 is the popular basketball simulation video game released in the year 2000 by 2K Sports. It is based on the National Basketball Association or NBA. The game’s multiplayer is available on the majority of gaming consoles but players of PS4 have been reporting a brand new type of error while trying to launch the game using their console.

Gamers have complained that they’re getting issues when negotiating with Gatorade Sponsor to offer offers through MyCareer. MyCareer option. It appears to be an issue with the server that is affecting players from America. United States.

All PS4 gamers are now focusing on finding the correct solution on 49730116 error code. 49730116 error message.

What is Error Code 49730116?

Error Code 49730116 can be described as the latest type of error that has been causing problems for numerous gamers on this PS4 gaming console. According to the players who are experiencing this issue, they encounter an error while launching the MyCareer option within basketball 2K20.

The error code is believed to affect a number of games across the United States. After encountering the issue, players took to the social media and the discussion forum to discuss their experiences. According to accounts, gamers are facing issues when connecting to internet-based services.

The players claimed they’re receiving Error Code 49730116 when trying to talk with Gatorade Sponsors within the MyCareer Option of the game.

How can I fix 49730116 error message?

Error Code 49730116 refers to the network-related error you encounter when you open your MyCareer option to talk to Gatorade Sponsor. After looking into the issue, we realized that the error is affecting many users, and it appears to be an old error that occurs at times.

There aren’t any immediate solutions to fix this issue. However there are some users who have offered methods that have been proven to correct the issue.

One user stated that it was possible that the 49730116 error message can be fixed if they refusing offers and then negotiating offers may fix the error.

After applying this trick, a lot of users have reported that the glitch was fixed because it has worked for them. However, many people fear losing their deals after using the trick. However, they should be aware that they can get back the money since it is not a permanent loss.

How Are People Reacting to the Error?

After reviewing online the internet, we noticed that a large number of users are facing an error code of 49730116 error message which is why they joined the discussion forums to share their experiences as well as find solutions.

There are many people who share their experiences, and asking questions about how to fix the issue. Video tutorials are also available with a lot of comments. These tutorials help users identify the problem and determine the best solutions for the error message.

Many players said they had to face an error in the game. It is possible to look through the discussion threads and threads for more understanding.


NBA 2K20 players are affected by the common 49730116 error message that prevents players from negotiating Gatorade Sponsors within MyCareer. MyCareer option.

But, it’s an issue with the server connection that can be corrected with the help of the techniques above. Be assured that you’ll not lose any discounts since they’re not lost forever. Gamers should be aware of the steps to take If You Are Facing Errors to fix it and have fun playing.

Are you facing Error Code 49730116 in NBA 2K20? Share the most common solutions you have used in the comments section.

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