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What is Santa Paws? Do you know its purpose in Pet Simulator X games? We will be discussing Santa Paws in this post and will also discuss Pet Simulator X.

Roblox’s games have enjoyed popularity in the Philippines, Indonesia and many other countries. Each game is updated to keep them exciting and fresh for users. Santa Paws is a feature of Pet Simulator X’s Christmas update.

In this post, let’s discuss Pet SimulatorX Santa Pawsfurther.

What is Pet Simulator X exactly?

Let’s start by giving a brief overview of the game. Pet Simulator X has many great features. You can explore an exciting world and meet hundreds of pets.

It’s the third in the Pet Simulator game series. The goal of the game is to collect coins that you can use to buy eggs or hatch eggs for exciting pets. Different features are available in different places and areas on the map to keep gamers interested.

Santa Paws

Santa Paws is a mythical pet that can be found in Pet Simulator X. Santa Paws can also be purchased from the Egg Of Many Gifts and Christmas Tree Eggs. It is very rare in the game and there are very few chances to get it.

Santa Paws’ most unique feature is its ability to give gifts like Gingerbread, Diamonds and Boosts. You should also note that Pet Simulator is not available until the Christmas event. So get your pet now!

Santa Paws

These are some characteristics for this pet in Pet Simulator X.

  • Santa Paws is available in three color options: regular, dark, and golden.
  • Mythical Rarity
  • Level – 18b – 18.6b
  • Golden Level – -54b -55.2b.
  • Dark Matter Level – -360b -368b.
  • Rainbow Level : -125b to -129b
  • Chances to get this Egg in the Egg of Many Gifts, Assumption – 0.00863%
  • Chances of this Egg in Christmas Tree Egg are 0.000158%

Pet SimulatorXSanta Paws is a rare and exciting item.

The Final Verdict

Santa Paws is one the rarest pets available in this game. This pet can be obtained by hatching Egg of many Christmas Tree eggs or Egg of many Christmas gifts.

Santa Paws is now known. What are your opinions about Santa Paws as an animal companion? Please share your views in the comments section. To help others, please share this Dog Simulator X Santa Pawspost.

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