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5 Benefits of Automated Dispensing Machines

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Automated dispensing machines market technology for juice and other drinks are in great demand in catering establishments. These are large flasks made of glass or polycarbonate with convenient taps for dispensing the drinks. With their help, you can accurately pour the right amount of liquid. Some models of dispensers are capable of cooling or heating the contents. Today we will identify 5 reasons for buying dispeneing equipment.

FloSmart: Minimum time and money investment.

Firstly, dispensers allow you not to spend a third of time constantly filling empty glasses of guests. Such devices free up minutes and even hours that can be spent on doing other work. Guests will be able to replenish their own drinks whenever they feel like it.

Secondly, a precision fluid dispensing technology is convenient at any time of the year. You can also pour regular drinks intoo carbonated ones. What is more, thanks to an automated technology, the machine pours only the appropriate amount of liquid and stops, which is really saving your money.

Enough drinks for everyone

If you have a restaurant, bar, or hotel, than it is appropriate to have a dispenser calculated for many visitors. To do this, you just need to count the approximate number of gusts, and based on the received figure, purchase the device. Automated dispensing machines market technology may be purchased for various needs:

  • to meet the needs of 15 people, you need a lemonade with a volume of 7 liters;
  • for a large-scale party, at which the number of guests reaches 50 people, you should purchase a device with a volume of 30 liters;
  • for a wedding or other event where many people are present, lemonades with a volume of 30 and more liters are needed.

For mass events, it is recommended to purchase several devices.

You can make a delicious drink without experience

The dispenser allows you to prepare delicious drinks, even if you have never done it before. To create a delicious beverage, just click on spacial buttons using precision fluid dispensing technology and the device will pour everything in a cup or glass. There are 4 compartment for various substances. You may choose how to fill them in on your own: whether it is juice, tea, coffee or any other liquid. It is especially useful in restaurant or hotel areas, where there is a huge number of clients and you need to prepare drinks not only fast, but of high quality too. 

Precision fluid dispensing technology – an inconspicuous device that solves many problems

Human life flows in such a way that imperceptible, but at the same time, important little things play a special role in it. Practical and beautiful tableware can cheer up and even improve the taste of the dishes served. The same applies to FloSmart dispensers. A device designed in a practical and beautiful style will become a source of delicious drinks. 

Moreover, the dispenser keeps drinks longer than traditional equipment or other containers. Each system is complemented by a sealed lid that prevents air from entering the container. If you install the dispenser in the refrigerator, then the shelf life of drinks will increase.

Automated dispensing machines market technology suitable for any interior

FloSmart systems perfectly fit into any interior. They can be used in bars and restaurants, lobbies of prestigious hotels, expensive boutiques, street trade tables, kindergartens, homes and other places. There are a large number of different application that meet the features of a particular interior. Finally, as long as the structure is installed inside the table top, you can easily save space in the building!

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