Here Are Things You Enjoy When You Buy Meat from a Local Butcher

After a busy day and grocery shopping before you head home, you may be tempted to get everything from the supermarket. However, it can be good to take some time to visit your local butcher to buy your meat. While meat from the supermarket is nothing out of the ordinary, there is a lot to enjoy when you buy your meat from a local butcher. We will discuss these things in the article. Be sure to check out Peter Bouchier for more information about local butchers.

When you buy meat from Tauranga Butchers you can savor the freshness, quality, and personalized service that are among the many things you enjoy when you choose to support your local butcher.

  • High-Quality Meat

Before butchers stock their shelves, they find the best products for their customers. They want to maintain their good reputation and keep their customers satisfied. Therefore, they always ensure their meat is high-quality and better than you can get anywhere else. One thing you will never gamble on when buying from the butcher is the quality of the meat.

  • Fresh Meat

In most cases, local butchers acquire their meat from local farmers. Therefore, when you buy meat from them, you purchase from unquestionable sources, unlike the supermarket, where you have no idea where the meat came from. You can comfortably ask for our regular cut or where the meat came from, and the butcher will be ready to answer. The meat from the butcher is farm-fresh, something you cannot find in the supermarket.

  • High Flavor

Meat that does not contain preservatives or chemicals tastes great. Avoid buying meat from the supermarket if you want a strong flavor. Instead, get your best cut from your favorite butcher. The meat has not undergone processing, meaning it is healthier and full of flavor.

  • No Additives

Supermarkets order meat in large quantities and use additives to keep the meat fresh for a long time. Even though the meat may look fresh, that is not the case. The best thing you get from buying meat from your local butcher is additive-free meat. Butchers prefer ordering in manageable quantities to avoid keeping the meat for long. Therefore, you will be enjoying farm-fresh meat.

  • Personalized Services

One thing that a butcher does not forget is their regular customers. You get personalized services to suit your need. You can also ask them how to cook a certain cut or the best one to pick based on what you want. Be sure to enjoy your meat when you consult the butcher.

  • Cuts Selection

The best thing about buying meat from the local butcher is that they have a wide selection of cuts. They have special cuts, something you are unlikely to find in the supermarket. You can get the lamb chops or ask for a hindquarter. In short, getting what you want from local butchers is possible. On the other hand, you buy what is available in the supermarket since there might be few choices.


Buying meat from local butchers is better than buying from the supermarket. You get fresh meat, high-quality cuts, and more flavor. The meat from the butchers also doesn’t contain chemicals and additives, and you are spoiled with cut options.

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