5 Best Streaming Platforms in Australia (#3 is my All Time Favorite)

For a long time, Australians either had to fork up a lot of money for a premium TV service or wait for shows to air on free-to-air. Luckily today Australia now offers a wide variety of video-on-demand (VOD) options.

But if you’re one of those crazy streamers, you’d know the deal with geo-restrictions. Luckily, there’s a simple way around called a VPN. On a side note, it’s best to try Disney Plus bundle in Australia to access all your favourite content altogether. Now that this is out of the way, let’s check out the other competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Stan, Foxtel Now, and YouTube TV. 

But how can you choose the best streaming platform to meet your viewing demands and budget? To help you determine which streaming service is the best value, we have complete information about today’s leading providers. Read on.

5 Best Streaming Platforms in Australia

The best streaming platforms dominating our tests are the following:

1. Binge

Even though HBO Max isn’t available in the Land Down Under, we have Binge, an Australian streaming platform that comes from Streamotion, which is part of Foxtel. With Binge, you can stream a lot of the same movies and shows that you can get on Foxtel for a much better price.

Without a doubt, Binge’s biggest draw is its new partnership with HBO, which gives Australians access to the America’s TV giant’s greatest shows, like House of the Dragon, Westworld, Barry, and so on.

There is more to Binge than just HBO, though. It has a broad range of new and old movies, as well as all the reality and crime stories you’d expect from a product that’s similar to Foxtel. You can also watch live Foxtel channels.

Plus, Binge is much, much cheaper. After a two-week free trial, prices only start at AU$10 per month, and can go up depending on the number of HD streams.

NOTE: Binge does not have offline viewing.

2. Netflix

A common shorthand for online video streaming is “Netflix,” and for good reason. The once-simple movie rental service has become a cutting-edge streaming behemoth in the year 2022. 

Successful originals like Stranger Things, The Crown, and Squid Game garner millions of viewers and accolades, providing the next best thing to the entertainment industry.

Even though Netflix did lose a few big titles from its back catalog to other platforms, like HBO Max, the streaming service still has a wider range of well-known new series, and specials than most of its competitors. Every week, new shows and movies come out, and in 2021 alone, Netflix added 70 new original movies. 

There are 4 different prices for Netflix: Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can watch as many movies and TV shows as you want in any of these subscription choices. However, they vary on the number of devices that can download shows at a time. Some plans allow only one but others allow 2-4 devices. 

NOTE: For the Mobile Plan to work, the device’s operating system must be Android 5.0 or higher, Fire OS 5.0 or higher, and iOS 12.0 or higher. This plan doesn’t let you cast or mirror from a mobile device.

3. Disney Plus

Disney Plus proves its BEST by providing a more reliable and high-quality selection of original programming making it an ALL TIME FAVORITE. About 221 million people were paying customers by mid-2022, making Disney Plus larger than Netflix.

Going back, when Disney Plus originally debuted in Australia, it was hailed as a more kid-friendly alternative to Netflix. This was due to its extensive library of Disney animation and live-action masterpieces.

While this may be fine for families with young children, adults will eventually require something more exciting. Thankfully, Disney saw this trend early on, and soon added Star, which features more mature content.

When it comes to original programming, Disney has been on a roll, with the release of several critically acclaimed TV series and films like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ms. Marvel, The Mandalorian, The Jungle Cruise, Cruella, Encanto and more,

And it does not stop there. Disney Plus bundle features a wide variety of content hubs, including Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star Wars. Any subscriber can view the entire selection from these hubs. 

Disney Plus is accessible across devices and OS. It supports iOS and Android, set-top boxes (such as Apple TV and Smart TV), web browsers, and desktop computers, and more,

Moreover, thanks to a partnership, Disney and Visa are giving magical perks! Visa Infinite cardholders, as well as Signature and Platinum cardholders can receive up to four free months of Disney+ when they join up.

NOTE: For Star Plus combo rates, they offer two plans for customers in Latin American countries. There is what they call a “Standard” plan and the “ Combo+” plan. 

4. Stan

Stan gives you access to hours of entertainment, including first-run exclusives, iconic series and movies like Breaking Bad, The Great, Yellowstone, and more.

Stan channel was Australia’s first big Netflix rival, and it got off to a great start by its exclusive programming.  However, many subscribers encounter dismay with its current releases.

However, some subscribers tag Stan’s shows as “b-tier material” which means it’s “average” as compared to the others. This is a matter of preference, though, and an area for improvement on the part of Stan. 

Overall, Stan’s movie library is pretty good. There are a lot of new and old movies, and the number of well-received Stan-produced shows are likewise growing.

NOTE: There is zero high dynamic range (HDR) support on Stan.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has a lot of original, high-quality shows and movies that don’t have ads. It also has a huge library of old favorites (and B-movies you’ve never heard of) and the NFL on Thursday nights.

It doesn’t have as many shows as Netflix and doesn’t have as many greats as Disney’s streaming service. It also has more confusing menus because it has both paid and free shows. 

With its new redesign, Prime Video hopes to make things less confusing for its customers around the world by making labels and menus more clear .

If you want to watch one of its original shows, like The Rings of Power, or one of its many movies, you might want to pay the $9 per month TV service charge (if you do not have any Amazon).

Amazon Prime Video is accessible on iOS, Android, Apple TV,  Fire TV Stick, Mac, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox 360, and smart TVs.

NOTE: No money-back guarantee for yearly upfront payments.

Final Takeaways

The current fad is streaming platforms. Aside from its affordable subscription, it offers exclusive content, convenience, and comfort among its subscribers. Choosing the best streaming service can be challenging, though, as they all offer different features and pricing structures.

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