5 Coolest Tactical Military Gear And Gadgets

The military enforces peace and order. They combat terrorism and ensure that their country’s sovereignty is safe from foreign aggression. If a nation claims a foreign territory and negotiations don’t work out between them and the other states involved, it can also use its military as its last resort.

With that said, one can tell that the military faces enormous danger. The hardcore training that soldiers go through may not be enough to get their jobs done. To strengthen their military power, governments allot sufficient funds to equip them with the most effective and advanced gear and gadgets.

To know some of the coolest tactical military gear and gadgets today, continue reading this article.

1.) Tactical Mask

An average person breathes around 7 ml of oxygen every minute. If one can’t breathe enough oxygen, it leads to suffocation.

Soldiers serving in the army may have more endurance due to their training, but they’re still dependent on oxygen, too. Aside from this, their enemies may have smoke grenades and poison gas, which can cause severe damage to their internal organs once they inhale it. It first proved its potential to wreak havoc upon armies during World War I, when German forces used at least 150 tons of poison gas against entrenched British and French soldiers.

Soldiers today incorporate tactical masks, such as TAPR mask, into their military equipment to increase their respiratory protection. It can filter air into breathable substances.

2.) Military Boots

Soldiers must adapt to different terrains to ensure high survivability during their operations. Many of these are harsh environments that may not be pleasant places to stay for a long time. With speed and mobility as keys to military operation success, armies use military boots.

Military boots can weigh around three pounds. They may be heavy, but they’re still ideal for soldiers because their thick coat protects the wearer’s feet from sprain and intense temperatures. Such boots also ensure smooth navigation even on rough terrains. They’re comfortable to use and durable as well.

3.) Bullet-Proof Vest

If you’re playing shooting games like Counter-Strike, Special Forces, and Fortnite, you may already know why it’s part of the list. Aside from making a soldier look like a real-time tank, a bullet-proof vest protects the wearer’s upper body from projectiles that can cause severe damage.

A bullet-proof vest weighs around 10 pounds. It may sound too heavy as part of a soldier’s gear, but it’s highly durable and comfortable to use. There are scenarios when bullets could penetrate beyond the bullet-proof vest, but it can reduce the fatality of the injury to a certain degree.

4.) Military Helmet

One of the most vulnerable parts of the human body is the brain. The human skull, capable of withstanding around seven GPa pressure, which protects the brain, can do little against immense injuries. Head damage can instantly cause someone to lose consciousness and even die. That’s why it’s an ideal target, especially on a battlefield.

Soldiers often face crossfire and even melee fighting, leading to head injuries and, worse, death. Military helmets can come in handy to increase their resistance. They weigh around four pounds and serve as combatants’ lifesavers from headshots and other debris.

5.) Binoculars

Before a military operation commences, the army command introduces a strategy to their soldiers, which mentions the place where they’re headed. Information regarding geography and familiarity with the terrain is critical to the success of a military operation because a strategist can become aware of the area’s weather, possible barriers that can restrict army movement, and possible tactics they can use to get the job done.

Once the army is on the landing site, however, they need to reassess the area to see if their enemies installed new defenses, as well as gather more information. Doing such things close-up right away might put a soldier in danger, so using binoculars is ideal for observing the terrain from afar before proceeding.

Binoculars are two refracting telescopes that can help users observe an area from a certain distance. They can be utilized using two hands and adjusted through their lenses. It’s a piece of easy-to-carry equipment that can thoroughly give soldiers an in-depth understanding of their enemies’ arms, escape routes, and possible hostages.


Soldiers face immense danger due to the nature of their job—to preserve peace and order, and eliminate potential threats in their state. Some countries also use their military for conquest. They may be well-trained, but the unnecessary loss of life and military operations failure could be higher without appropriate battle gadgets and gears. These aren’t merely accessories, but they’re lifesavers for each combatant.

Christopher Stern

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