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5 Different Types Of EDC Flashlights For Everyday Use

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The everyday carry (EDC) concept is not a new one, but it seems to be growing in popularity across the globe. It typically refers to items that one carries daily to be ready for numerous situations, ranging from everyday tasks to emergencies. One of the essential items in the EDC gear list is the EDC flashlight

An EDC flashlight is a torch that is compact enough to keep in your pocket or purse regularly during the morning, afternoon, and night. LED flashlights are gaining in popularity for use as everyday-carry lights due to the extreme power of high-quality LEDs in addition to their extreme durability and compact size. To know more about LED flashlights and their common types, stick with us and read the article till the end!

LED Everyday Carry Flashlights:

Depending on the nature and color of the glass covering or the bulb, you can use LED flashlights for a great effect. These lights consume less power as compared to traditional electrical lights. Thus, it makes them a favorite among a lot of households. They also have rechargeable batteries and are used widely for various everyday purposes.

5 Popular Types of LED Flashlights For Everyday Carry:

These days, LED flashlights are available in different types, everyone serving a certain purpose. These devices have become an essential part of daily life that everybody should own at least one of them.


With the advances of science and technology, you can explore a countless selection of flashlights in the market. Though it is difficult to discuss all the types of EDC flashlights available, some popular types are mentioned below. Have a look at them!

  1. Pocket LED Flashlights
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Such lights are smaller in size and can be easily carried in your pocket or attached to key chains. You can find them in different shapes. Hence, the small size makes pocket flashlights portable and convenient. 

These mini flashlights are relatively inexpensive, too. One main disadvantage of these flashlights is their less power. Though they are considered suitable for use in routine life, they don’t perform well when it comes to heavy-duty tasks. 

  • Tactical Flashlights

They are high-power LED flashlights majorly used by the police, military, and emergency services. These lights are also useful for self-defense.

The light provided by tactical flashlights is so powerful that it can temporarily blink an individual even during the daytime. These EDC flashlights are robust, and although they are not too small, they are compact enough to be carried in one hand.

  • LED Rechargeable Flashlights

Small rechargeable flashlights come with rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you can easily charge them and use them in places where you have no electricity.

They are a prime choice for campers and trekkers because of their portable features. Some of them can also be recharged through USB, which means you can use them easily when go outside.

  • Pen LED Flashlights 

These slim and smart flashlights are everyone’s favorite. They are pen in shape, and the traditional ones used incandescent bulbs to generate light. 

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But now, there are numerous pen flashlights that use LEDs as the light source. These small flashlights are battery-powered and can be different in size, length, power, and weight. 

  • LED Headlights/ Headlamps 
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These flashlights can be worn around the head by strapping or fastening onto a helmet. 

Since they allow the free use of the hands, they are a perfect choice for miners, construction workers, rescuers, and spelunkers.

Winding Up!

In the end, you can see that all the different types of EDC flashlights have different benefits and are beneficial to use for numerous situations. With various LED flashlights available, selecting the right one can be a difficult task. First of all, you need to understand your requirements and opt for the one that would serve you the best. Besides this, if you have to pay a little extra money, always choose a premium quality flashlight that won’t let you down when you require it the most. So, what are you waiting for? Visit https://www.olightstore.com/ right now to get the best deal for your desired LED flashlight for everyday carry!

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