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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Home Décor

For many people, home decorating is never finished. No matter how stylish you make it, after a while, you start looking around for new ways to update your space. To update your home decor prefer a Stair parts that give your place a unique look. Unfortunately, more often than not, time and a tight budget can put a big damper on creativity. 

Good news is that giving your space a design update doesn’t have to involve thousands of dollars or hours of manpower. Adding a new coat of paint and opting for the quality outdoor blinds Melbourne residents are fawning over, are just two easy ways to brighten your home. 

Simple Changes to Give Your Home an Update

It’s amazing what a big difference a few small changes can make to your space. One should never underestimate the effect a good paint job, new curtains or a change in lighting can have on your space. Let’s dive in as our décor experts suggest a few simple and cost-effective tips to update your indoor space. Also, you can prefer LOUVRE DOORS that make your home luxurious and amazing.

  1. Add Outdoor Blinds

One of the quickest ways to uplift a room is to change the curtains. The same can be said for adding outdoor blinds to your patio or verandah area. While this might technically not be an indoor change, it will make your verandah a fun place to hang out. 

Outdoor blinds have the following benefits: 

  • Ziptrak blinds allow you to use the space all year round as they protect against the harsh Australian weather elements
  • No need to worry about nosy neighbours as the blinds can be closed halfway without hampering your view of the outdoors
  • Manual or motorised options make it easy to use
  • They’re stylish and modern, with no zips, ropes or bulky canvas to fold up
  1. Change the Décor in Your Entryway

Very few modern homes have the space for a grandiose foyer these days. In this instance, it’s time to think out of the box. Sprucing up your entryway, no matter how narrow or small it is, will make an immediate statement. 

Some suggestions include:

  • Repurpose a small console table and place it against the wall
  • Opt for one large statement art piece or alternatively, opt for a few family photos of the family living in the home
  • Place a vase of fresh flowers on the table or some quirky ornaments, candles or photo frames
  1. Slap on a New Coat of Paint

If your budget allows, consider painting a few walls. Pick one wall in each room to paint a bold colour. Doing this will make the whole space feel new and modern.

In bedrooms, the wall behind the headboard makes a statement. Your entryway will also benefit from a bright wall. Be sure to add artwork, photo frames, exotic masks or other items that can be hung up. Doing this will make the wall stand out.

  1. Add a Few Houseplants

Another great way to accentuate a room is to add a houseplant to an open corner. Here you can opt for one large pot or a few smaller ones with different sized plants. Choose clay pots in shapes and designs that accentuate your current décor. 

Opt for plants that benefit your space such as:

  • Kentia palm
  • Umbrella tree
  • Radiator plant
  • Tasmanian blue gum
  1. Make Small Changes

Aside from making bigger changes in your space, consider making a few smaller changes as well. Some of these include:

  • Add candles with a mixture of modern and traditional candle holders
  • Choose throws and scatter cushions to match your new curtains or, if the décor and curtains are neutral, opt for brighter cushions
  • Look out for curtain-tiebacks that match your décor but contrast the curtains
  • Change up the bath and shower mats in your bathrooms
  • Change kitchen cabinet and bedroom cupboard doorknobs to new and exciting options
  • You can also buy floating shelves online for open spaces and add photo frames, memoirs from travels or funky little trinkets that show your personal style and personality
  • Replace dated welcome mats at the front door
  • Change showerheads and other bathroom fixtures such as a modern faucets
  • Give old dressers or corner tables a new lease on life with a coat of enamel paint
  • Swap out sharp, bright living room lights for strategically placed lamps to create a warmer atmosphere
  • Shuffle the bedroom furniture if the space allows
  • Add a new rug under the dining table or as a centrepiece on a tiled living room under the coffee table 
  • Change the ornaments on your coffee table
  • Give dated lounge furniture a new lease with slipcovers which are available in a variety of bold and neutral colours

Final Thought

With décor, a few small changes can make a big difference. It’s always a good idea to repurpose the items you already have. You might not want to paint your walls, but you can add a bright coat of paint to smaller pieces of furniture to update the space. 

Curtains, outdoor blinds, modern door handles, plants and a few photo frames can be the start of updating your décor. Once you get started, you’ll instantly start thinking of new and fun ideas!

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