5 influential people in the construction industry to follow on LinkedIn

The construction industry has developed and changed over the years, employing different techniques. To stay updated, several professionals follow specialists on social media.

Throughout the years, people have used various resources to follow individuals they admire or to add something to their lives. In the past, people used newspapers to keep up with the journeys of influencers. Today, with social media, it has become easier to stay updated and follow the people you admire.

While the most well-known influencers can be found on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, LinkedIn has provided a new type of influencer: specialists in the market. This social media platform is used to connect people professionally and for hiring proposals. However, it also has influencers discussing various subjects such as project management tools, market trends, and innovation.

On LinkedIn, you can find influencers who specialize in different areas of the market, from communication and human resources to construction and architecture. Professionals and enthusiasts are increasingly seeking out the best individuals to follow in order to stay updated about their respective industries. Currently, professionals in the construction industry are in high demand due to market changes. Here is a scenario about the market and some influencers you can follow to stay updated.

The construction industry

Wherever we go, we see construction buildings. We may even be living in one or in the process of building a house. Regardless, customers look for certain things when residing in a building, such as safety and security. However, the world is changing, and so are the demands of clients.

More and more, people are not only concerned with safety but also with sustainability, automation, and a better quality of life. They are looking for a place that can be easily enjoyed and used for work or living, emphasizing the fluidity of space and the well-being it provides.

Staying updated on the market

Having knowledge of the specific market is extremely important in order to attract new clients and specialize oneself to meet the different demands of customers. Here are some LinkedIn influencers in the construction industry for you to follow and stay updated.

Fred Mills

As the founder of The B1M, one of the most famous construction video channels, Fred Mills is one of the most prestigious professionals in the market, focusing on the future of construction. He discusses this topic on his second channel called “Tomorrow’s Build.”

Johannes Ris

If you are looking to stay updated on construction using digital projects, Johannes Ris is the person to follow. His work focuses on sustainability, innovation, and technology. Ris is known for his high-performance projects, utilizing digitization, innovation, and automation.

Doanh Do

Doanh Do has a different approach to his clients. His work focuses on providing value through his projects. The strategy called Target Value Delivery (TVD) aims to make the project meaningful for the customer and add value to both the customer and the building. Do is also the vice president of D-Air Conditioning Co, a company that prioritizes performance improvement and customer satisfaction.

Jim Rogers

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Rogers is known for his books and educational work. A reference in the market, he teaches construction professionals about integrating safety with quality and productivity in projects. He has also published several books and articles discussing the construction industry and its future.

Tanja Kufner

If you want to learn more about construction software, you should know Tanja Kufner. She is the head of Ventures and Startups, one of the most prestigious software providers for architecture, engineering, management, and construction. She is also a partner at, a venture capital firm known for investing in new startups in mobility and smart cities.

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