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5 Room Decor Ideas for Your New Bachelor Pad

Whenever you hear the term bachelor pad, all you think about is a giant television, several gadgets, and the chargers lying around a cluster of bean bags, occasional mess, and something messier. However, it doesn’t need to be this selective, as you can get some room decor ideas for the new bachelor pad.

A home like another, a bachelor pad must reflect all your hobbies and personalities that you are living. At times it is also a shared space where you can connect with your friends, be entertained together, and pursue hobbies. If you want to add better designs to your bachelor pad, you can get furniture on rent in Bangalore, which will help you save space and money.

5 room decor ideas for your new bachelor pad

1.Flexible seating

Furniture sizes should also be flexible to accommodate all your friends’ stay overs and endless conversations at night. It would be best if you went for extra seating options like an entertaining sofa and bed. Remember to add a leather recliner so that your friends can relax while you are watching a movie. Wherever the furniture is placed, you should always look for luxury fabrics that add glam to the product. You can also rent a massager and add it to your flexible seating option.

2.Coffee table featuring storage

You can go for a sleek coffee table featuring storage to keep all your gadget remote controls and chargers besides magazines. You can go for a great shelf above the coffee table to show off all your CD collections and keep them at your arm’s reach.

3.Go for some wall treatments

Walls are a mood setter; you can go for dark walls featuring good lighting in small corners that make it more dramatic and cozier. You can keep the space light by adding white end pages. Bold or elegant Wallpaper can indeed be a good game-changer.

4.Entertainment hub

If that interests you, you can create an entertainment hub with a home theater system for the movies besides gaming consoles. Having a lot of space for all the gadgets in your room is essential these days; you must thoughtfully plan your space in a way that has a shelf. For example, you can go for wall-mounted shelves in the kitchen to keep all your kitchen appliances out there and keep them organized.

5.Bachelor pad lighting is a must.

You can use unexpected lighting to create interest or hunt for attractive clusters, pendant lighting, or industrial-inspired copper lamps. At the same time, you can go for some exciting neon signs to make a grand statement on your property.

Besides having bachelor pad lighting, you should find a great corner to position some work tables and open shelves. Then, you can plan a different workplace instead of using the dining table.

You can consider implementing these ideas if you are creating a bachelor pad for yourself.

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