5 Strategies in Play to Help Reduce Drunk Driving in Arizona

Drunk driving is a serious issue that poses a significant risk to public safety. Drunk driving is a leading cause of traffic accidents and fatalities in Arizona, as in many other states. In partnership with other stakeholders, the government is putting efforts into reducing the number of drunk driving incidents and promoting safer roads in Arizona. Here are strategies in play to help reduce drunk driving in Arizona.

  1. Drunk Driving Laws

In Arizona, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. That’s considered driving under the influence (DUI) and can result in serious legal consequences, including fines, jail time, and the suspension or revocation of a driver’s license.

Suppose you suffer injuries due to someone else drunk driving in Phoenix. In that case, it’s crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced Drunk Driver Attorney in Phoenix to help you understand your legal options and pursue compensation for your injuries and damages. A skilled DUI attorney will work to protect your rights and interests and may be able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. 

  1. Increased DUI Enforcement

Increased DUI enforcement is a strategy that involves stepping up law enforcement efforts to identify and arrest drunk drivers. In Arizona, this strategy includes increasing the number of sobriety checkpoints and patrols on the roads. Sobriety checkpoints are typically set up on roads and highways and involve law enforcement officers stopping drivers to check for signs of impairment. Patrols involve officers actively looking for signs of impaired driving while on the road.

The goal of increased DUI enforcement is to deter individuals from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and to catch those driving while impaired. The strategy has proven effective in reducing the incidence of drunk driving and related accidents, injuries, and fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that sobriety checkpoints have reduced alcohol-related crashes by up to 20%.

  1. Ignition Interlock Devices

Arizona has a mandatory ignition interlock program for all DUI offenders. That requires installing an ignition interlock device in their vehicle to prevent them from driving while intoxicated. The ignition interlock device (IID) is a breathalyzer installed in a vehicle that prevents the car from starting if the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is above a certain level.

Arizona has implemented a mandatory ignition interlock program for all DUI offenders, which requires the installation of an IID in their vehicle to regain their driving privileges. Under Arizona law, DUI offenders must have an IID installed for at least six months after a first offense and up to two years for a repeat offense. The offender is responsible for the installation and maintenance cost of the IID, which can be significant.

  1. Education and Awareness Campaigns

Public education and awareness campaigns help to inform the public about the dangers of drunk driving and the potential consequences, such as legal penalties, fines, and even incarceration. Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies often conduct these campaigns using various mediums to reach the public, such as TV, radio, print, and social media.

These campaigns aim to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and encourage individuals to make responsible choices regarding alcohol consumption and driving. By providing information on the potential consequences of drunk driving, campaigns aim to change attitudes and behaviors related to impaired driving. That can include encouraging individuals to designate a sober driver, use public transportation, or stay overnight if they plan on drinking.

  1. Stricter Penalties for DUI Offenders

Arizona has implemented harsher penalties for those convicted of driving under the influence. That includes longer license suspensions, mandatory jail time, and increased fines. In Arizona, the legal penalties for DUI can be severe, including revoking a driver’s license.

However, even with these penalties, some individuals continue to drive under the influence, putting themselves and others at risk. It’s, therefore, crucial to contact an experienced DUI accident lawyer if a drunk driver causes you to suffer injuries.


reducing drunk driving is a critical issue that requires a multifaceted approach. Arizona has implemented various strategies to combat drunk driving, including increased enforcement, strict drunk driving laws, ignition interlock devices, and education and awareness campaigns. These strategies play a vital role in reducing drunk driving incidents and making the roads safer. However, suppose you suffer injuries in an accident with a drunk driver in Arizona. In that case, contact an experienced DUI accident attorney to help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

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