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5 Things You Should Know Before Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is one of the best things you can do with your life as an animal lover. The experience is unlike any other. But you need to know a little bit before you do it.

The Native Americans were the first people to swim with dolphins. They were also the first ones to see them in the wild.

Even so, humans haven’t been with them for that long. The U.S. started allowing swim-with-dolphin programs in the 1960s. They also created standards for scientists studying this animal in the wild.

If you are interested in swimming with dolphins, here are the five things you should know to get started.

1. Consider the Dolphin’s Safety

Dolphins can be prone to aggressive behavior, and one of the best swimming tips is to go with them alone or in deep water. It is recommended to only enter the water with a qualified instructor who is familiar with the particular dolphins in the area and can take appropriate measures to ensure their safety. Observe them from the shore and not chase them if they swim away, as this could start strong defensive behavioral patterns.

2. Determine the Right Activities to Do

Doing stretches or any light activity to loosen up your joints will make the experience much more enjoyable. Make sure to wear appropriate swim attire. Find a comfortable bathing suit and water shoes to make swimming and interacting with dolphins much easier.

When you are ready, it is time to get in the water. Familiarizing yourself with the appropriate activities before getting in will help you feel more relaxed and better equipped to swim with the dolphins.

3. Learn About the Safety Protocols in Place

Familiarize yourself with the hold-and-release techniques to interact with dolphins respectfully and ethically. Practice reasonable buoyancy control to avoid damaging the habitat or ocean floor.

Avoid contact with dolphins in the wild and keep a respectful posture while interacting with trained dolphins at a swim program or aquarium. Allow them to choose whether to approach you or not.

4. Expect Wild Species

The presence of sharks, sea lions, and other species is not uncommon. Please exercise caution when dealing with wildlife and respect their home like any natural environment. If possible, avoid swimming in areas populated by animal activity.

Also, use common sense and never get close to or attempt to touch wild species swimming near you. Pay attention to warning signs and adhere to any applicable regulations set forth by local authorities.

5. Locations to Find When Swimming with Dolphins

Most communities offer public swimming facilities like public pools, where you can brush up on your first swim. Private swim lessons are also available at local swim schools.

A great way to stay on top of your skills is to practice. Lakes, oceans, beaches, and rivers offer opportunities to practice and can be great locations.

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Swim With One of the Most Intelligent Animal

In conclusion, swimming with dolphins is an exhilarating experience that everyone should have. Before doing so, it’s essential to follow the guidelines above. For more information and to arrange your adventure, contact a local tour guide and explore the fantastic world of dolphins.

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