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All you need to know about End of Lease Pest Control

There are a variety of advantages of calling in professional pest control services with any kind of infestation at home. Apart from complete pest eradication, professional Pest Control Sydney service providers also restore a healthy safe environment after their service is over. Pest control is necessary as insects, bugs, rodents can transmit diseases through stings, bite or injury to you or your pets contaminate your food and water and also affect the structural framework of your house. So in opting for professional pest control you are choosing to safeguard your family wellbeing and be free from all potential risks pests can bring.

Apart from specific pest control service that is available for each category of pest, there is another specialized service that homeowners often avail at time of changing homes. This is executed by professional End of Lease Pest Control Sydney service providers. Before we go into what this really entails let us have a quick look at why should you consider professional pest control.

Reasons to opt for professional pest control

D-I-Y method is not always sufficient: Many locally available products often promise quick action in getting rid of pests. Initially a few pests disappear but the treatment is not effective enough to root out the problem. Most pests come back and the only thing that would ensure complete removal would be engaging professional pest control as they use latest technique and tools with trained personnel who execute in an effective and safe way. Experts know early detection, depth of infestation and also the specific applicable plan which D-I-Y would fail to achieve.

Health risks from infesting pests: Professional pest control services have been reported to contribute largely to clean and healthy environment as they contain diseases and infections spread by pest and pathogens they bring in. Pests that frequently invade our homes are mosquitoes, rodents, ticks, that carry disease causing viruses and bacteria that adversely affect the health of homeowners. Hantavirus that may cause kidney damage is brought in my rodents. Ticks may cause Lyme diseases that caused flue like symptoms and need medication. Mosquitoes can cause malaria, Zika and West Nile Virus. Droppings of pests can cause allergic symptoms or asthma in many people. Bees and wasps sting can give painful bumps. All these issues can be completely avoided by hiring Pest Control Sydney service providers who will give the right treatment plan to give you back a stress free, pest free life.

Property damage caused by pests: Pests like termites can cause terrible damage to your property, household items and structural integrity by chewing through wooden objects, structural timbers, and wood floorings. Other pests feed on upholstery fibers, linens, clothing, towels and other home articles. Silverfish can spoil cloth and paper. Rodents can chew electric wire, plastic and cables. Apart from expenditure pest infestation can cause injury from accidents caused by sudden collapse of structural items, electric fuse or breakdown of wooden articles of daily use.

Food contamination through pests: Pest causes food contamination not just in homes but also in food production or processing facilities and units. Whenever pests eat or touch what you eat or drink they transmit harmful pathogens that reach our bodies spreading infections and disease symptoms start appearing. Through saliva and droppings cockroaches contaminate food just like ants. Rats too cause infections through feces and urine and houseflies too can cause food poisoning and dysentery. To avoid all this, keeping food in sealed bags or containers are a must, kitchen jars should have airtight lids. Garbage should be disposed daily with no spills and regular change of bags. Under sinks, floors and counters should be dust free and food crumb free. Dishes should be cleaned, wiped and dried as also kitchen mops and cloths. In doing so, you would ensure food is kept away from pests’ easy reach and a clean environment too keeps pests away.

Everything You Need to Know About End of Lease Pest Control

This is a service that is of significance at time of change of homes from the point of view of both the tenants, landlords or real estate tenants.

Why end of lease pest control is needed?

For tenants: If you are residing by renting, when you come to the end of your lease, you might have to hire expert End of Lease Pest Control Sydney services that might be mentioned as a clause in your tenancy agreement which you have with your property owner. And here it is important to find out that this pest control is the responsibility of landlord or the tenant. So in case you have overlooked that responsibility as a tenant and did not get it done, you might have to face the consequences of losing the tenancy bond, depending on the extent of pest infestation that you left behind. This might also land you in a legal tenancy landlord battle which can and should be ideally avoided.

If you have had a pet cat or dog having an end of lease flea treatment is necessary so as not to leave any pet flea behind. An End of Lease Pest Control Sydney service provider would ensure not just fleas but their eggs would be removed with their expert eye for places and detection skill.

For landlords: An end of lease pest control treatment will keep your property secure and safe for your next tenant who would expect to move in to a clean and healthy environment free from pests that may carry disease. This also increases the market value of your property. This also makes your place look pleasing to attract tenants. If it shows otherwise, tenants would shy away from it. Also a big part of this pest control is termite treatment as it’s a major cause of worry and once treatment has been done both sides can be rest assured of no threats from termite attack.

Which is the ideal time to get an end of lease pest control treatment?

The ideal time to have this is once the residence or property has done its end of lease clean. So if according to tenancy bond you are supposed to do the pest control, then it is the last thing you should do before you leave. Once you vacate the landlord will get an assessment or condition report which might reflect if there are any pest issues. . If you are the landlord and it’s your responsibility, then you may do it after your tenant has moved out.

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