5 Tips for Entering the Australian Job Market!

Living abroad is a dream for many people. The opportunity to get to know a new culture, improve your English and still qualify doesn’t come every day and is part of many people’s future plans. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to prepare for this moment. For those who are packing their bags for Australia, the search for a good job is among the main concerns.

Certainly, those who study in Australia looking to improve themselves in the country may have better chances in the search for opportunities in the area of interest. In addition, good preparation before the interviews, a well-structured resume and the necessary documentation to work in Australia, contribute to winning the best job opportunities.

If you want to understand more about the Australian job market and how to prepare for it, keep reading and check out our post!

Is it possible to study and work in Australia?

Given that Australia is a developed country and a popular study destination, several indicators from this country are better than those in many other countries. Among them, the percentage of unemployment and salary values stand out.

Such characteristics make the Australian job market offer several benefits for newcomers. It is worth noting that some areas are in great demand, such as Information Technology, Law, Engineering, Architecture and Financial Services. However, it is worth noting that more specialized positions require a more advanced knowledge of the English language.

In addition to the opportunities that require specialization, it is also worth noting that Australia has several other opportunities that do not require such advanced experience or level of English and there is a great demand for manpower. Among them, we can highlight the work in the hospitality areas – such as restaurants, hotels and events – construction, cleaning and babysitting.

What are the top tips for entering the Australian job market?

Finding a job in the Australian labor market can be a big concern, after all, it is necessary to find ways to earn money so that your financial reserve doesn’t run out in the first few months, isn’t it? In this regard, there are some good practices that will help you in your search for international experience. Below, we list the main ones. It’s worth reading on and checking it out!

1. Organize a good resume

Organizing a meaningful CV is the first step towards getting your dream job in the Australian market, whether in an area where you already have experience, or in one you want to enter. For this, it is important to understand your possibilities well.

There are several vacancies waiting for you, so be careful about the information you will include on your resume. Organize your experiences in chronological order, if you don’t have work experience yet, no problem, include your qualifications and qualities.

Ah, another important point, in addition to your full name, age, nationality and updated address, be sure to mention your availability to work, that is, what days of the week and time you will be available to work.

Another important point is to prepare an objective and well-written cover letter. It is worth noting that it must be done in a way that is directed to the company you are applying for the vacancy. It is also necessary to point out your qualities and, if you have any experience relevant to the position, it is also important to include this information.

A clear, organized CV and a targeted cover letter that presents the applicant’s qualities and possible contributions to the company greatly increase the chances of success.

2. Have a complete LinkedIn profile

Speaking of networking, LinkedIn is a great alternative to increase your chances of getting a job in the Australian job market. So it’s worth taking the time to complete your profile.

For this, put a summary of your professional trajectory, detail your skills and courses already taken, use important keywords for the sector in which you are interested in working and share content that is relevant.

Also, don’t stop studying and developing new skills to make your resume and LinkedIn profile more attractive. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of winning an interview opportunity.

3. Prepare for the interviews

By adopting the two previous tips, it is very possible that you will have several interview opportunities to enter the Australian job market. Ideally, you make a good preparation with the intention of doing well.

For this, it is worth researching the company in which you are applying for the job, understanding what the skills are for the position in question and, with that, demonstrating that you have the aptitude to perform the function.

It is also important to be punctual and demonstrate professionalism. Australians don’t like delays. So, plan ahead and, if possible, arrive early. Between 5 and 10 minutes is a good amount of time.

4. Search in multiple ways

Doing research is an important step in understanding what possibilities are available to you. For example, a good alternative is to observe the murals of the place where you will study during the exchange.

In addition, LinkedIn is also a good alternative. With your profile already complete, it is even easier to get a job interview through this channel. There are even a few more options.

For example, there are several sites that list open opportunities, such as Seek, Indeed, Gumtree and Proprietary LinkedIn. You can also visit companies and introduce yourself as potential talent to be hired.

5. Have the necessary documentation

A critical mistake in seeking formal work in Australia is that you do not have the documents you need to take on a job. Imagine, for example, that you do everything right, create an interesting resume, do a great interview, win over recruiters, but when you take on your job, you lack documents to complete your hiring. That would be very frustrating, wouldn’t it?

Therefore, it is essential to organize everything well before the interviews and other stages of applying for vacancies. Among the most important documents are:

  • Tax File Number: this document presents the registration number required in order to pay or receive salaries;
  • ABN: Australia Business Number: Registration of self-employed workers in Australia;
  • Visa: this document, in addition to being necessary to be registered in the labor market, is also necessary for you to enter the country.

And if you intend to work in establishments that sell alcoholic beverages, you will need to issue an RSA (Responsible service of Alcohol). It is also worth mentioning some important certificates, such as the Whitecard for work on construction sites and the Work with children for work in schools or concerning child care.

Why apply these tips?

There are many professionals who are excellent in their technical activities, but who have not yet developed some important skills to succeed in the Australian job market. Therefore, it is necessary to know which channels to look for work on, improve your English and be confident in interviews.

This means that you don’t miss out on great chances to develop professionally, earn good money and still be able to delve deeper into your activity. In addition, these tips can also prepare those who want to change industries and try new careers.

Did you see how important it is to have good planning to explore the Australian job market? Through the tips presented above, you enhance the chances of your resume being well accepted in a corporation, leading to the interview and, later, the possibility of being part of the company’s team.

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