5 Ways smartwatches could improve your health

Are you a fitness freak or are you someone who is at the beginning of their fitness journey?

It doesn’t actually matter at what stage you are at as we have found a perfect gadget for you that will help you achieve your fitness goals!

Meet smartwatch!

Now you must be wondering how a time telling device helps in maintaining my health? Well.. we are not talking about your regular watch! We are talking about smartwatches! These smart wearables simply sit on your wrists and come loaded with multiple health and fitness related features.

Some of the ways in which a smartwatch fitness watch can improve your health include:

1. Keep a tab on your heart health

Smartwatches come with an in-built heart rate monitor. You can monitor your resting heart rate and can also have a look at your heart rate while exercising. Especially when doing cardio, you can

2. Sleep Monitoring

Getting appropriate sleep lies at the core of maintaining a healthy body. If worn to sleep, smartwatches help in providing you data about your REM and deep sleep. This helps in maintaining sleep hygiene.

3. Stress Monitoring

We all live a stressful life and stress is not good for our overall well being. Some smartwatches help you monitor your stress levels and even provide guided breathing exercises that help you relax and calm down.

4. Menstrual trackers

This comes as a blessing for all the women out there! Some smartwatches for women come with a menstrual tracker that helps in keeping a tab on the menstrual cycle and avoid any surprises.

5. Activity trackers and sports modes

Exercises are good but tracking your activity can help you make them even more effective. Smart fitness watches come with activity trackers that help you stay on the top of your daily routine. 

On top of all of this, some of the best fitness tracker watches even support sedentary reminders. Current lifestyle keeps us glued to our systems and we often keep on sitting in one position for long hours. This is not good for posture and impacts our health. Your watch gives you a reminder to get up and move around if you have been stationery for long. 

Additionally, smartwatches also allow quick and easy access to you music. And we all know that music acts as a great motivator. This will help you control your playlist from your wrist while you burn those extra calories at the gym!

Now that you have gone through the list, we have also shortlisted a few smart fitness watches that you can buy straight away:

boAt Watch Blaze

Achieve your fitness goals easily with this The 1.75” HD display of the watch allows you to take charge! Packed with a performance processor that is powered by Apollo Blue 3 Plus, this watch offers faster interface and efficient watch performance. It tracks your heart 24X7 and you can also check your blood oxygen saturation levels with the help of the watch easily. 

The daily activity tracker and 14 sports modes help you track your various indoor and outdoor activities. You can even log in your fluid intake and your watch will remind you to drink water. You can also set sedentary reminders and meet your goals for step counts in a day.

The watch is 3ATM water, dust and splash resistant. So forget about any sweat drops causing any harm to your watch.  What’s also interesting about this watch is that it also supports Fast Charge. Meaning that just plug it in for 10 mins and get up to 1 day of full charge.

Mi Watch Revolve

A perfect watch for all the fitness enthusiasts out there! It comes with a premium metallic frame and AMOLED display. It supports a pro exercise algorithm that helps in keeping a check on your heart health, stress levels and body energy and so on. The 10 professional sports modes help you track your daily workout sessions. 

This smartwatch is 5ATM certified, so feel free to take a dive into fitness, literally. It also allows you to control music and manage calls from your wrist! This means that nothing will come in between you and your journey to become fit!

Noise colorfit pulse

Sporty and stylish, you can count on this watch to keep a check on your heart health, bspO2, and sleeping patterns. It features a 1.4” full touch display. Choose from 8 sportsmodes and give your best! The watch is IP68 waterproof so feel free to break the sweat.

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