Best Email Services Without Phone Verification

Do you too feel weird or hesitate while giving out your personal number that is linked to your bank accounts, social handles just in exchange for an email?

Do we know that it is for security purposes but is it a great deal to share your number in barter of email?

Keeping this in in your mind, our team has researched and found the best Email service provider which does not ask for your mobile number.

Yes, you have heard it right, so without wasting any more seconds, let’s hope on to the list of Free email sign up without phone number or registration.

Best Email Services that don’t Require Phone Verification.

These are some of the best Email services that don’t require any sort of phone verification, with them you can easily use email services without giving out your phone number to anybody.

  • is the first name on our list that offers free email sign-up without a phone number as it offers free mailing services along with numerous features such as two-factor authentication, email alias, free online office suite with support of a dedicated app that is compatible with both Android and IOS.

  • Tutanota

Tutanota is also a great mailing service that delivers email without a phone number also Tutanota is absolutely encrypted which makes it safer to use, also it offers its users free anonymous sign-ups as well as storage space up to 1GB which makes it the choice of many.

We could not leave it without mentioning that Tutanota is advertisement free due to which users can use emails services without any irrelevant Ads.

  • GMX mail

The list of best email services that don’t ask for the phone number in exchange for email services can’t be completed without mentioning GMX mail.

GMX mail comes amongst the best reliable mail service providers.

Since 1997, they are serving their mail services to its users, also GMX mail doesn’t state any storage restrictions as well as there is a 50 MB attachment limit and advertisement alert too.

You just need another email account to register GMX mail.

  • Alice Mail

Alice mail also known as Tim mail is the biggest free email service in Italy, it has got millions of users. You get 3 GB of free storage along with spam protection and live customer support with the provider. Check out more of alice mail features. It can be accessed from any device and on any network.

  • Protonmail

There is no doubt how Protonmail made to the list, this Switzerland-based mail service provider offers its users 500MB of storage and 150 emails a day with password-protected encryption emails which will expire or say self-destruct in several days which mostly attracts users towards it.

  • Mailfence

If you are looking for an email without a phone number also with encryption, privacy, no ads, no tracking then there is no better option available instead of Mailfence.

The only downside we have noticed is that you need a prior email account to register to Mailfence.

  • Guerrilla Mail

Are you looking for a completely anonymous email or one-time use then, Guerrilla mail is a good option for you as it enables users’ one-time email to create, use and dispose of as well as without any sign-up along with a 150 MB limit of attachment of files.

  • Email on Deck

Email on deck is also a great alternative to all the free mail service providers which we listed above, simply affirm that you are not a bot and get the mail, use it and dispose of it and you are good to go to mail services without giving out your phone number to anyone

  • Mailnesia

Searching for a mail service where you get your desired email address in seconds without giving out your mobile number or any sort of registration despite that one flaw with Mailnesia is that it doesn’t enable users to send emails.

  • Tempinbox

Likewise Mailnesia, Tempinbox also offers services akin to magnesia even they have the same back draw which is not being able to send emails, the only option is available is of receiving emails.

So these are the top email service providers available which offer free email without phone numbers and or any sort of registration.

Now that you have met with the best Email service providers that don’t require phone verification, now it’s time to slide to the Closure

We hope that the name of the email service provider we have provided will give you desired outcomes and fulfil your requirements.

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