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6 Best Tips for Warehouse CCTV Monitoring

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Warehouse facilities must be equipped with robust CCTV monitoring services. These facilities are typically spread over a large area. This is why it is a challenging task for a human to keep a 24/7 vigil across all the areas in a warehouse facility.

In addition, warehouse operations involve multiple risk factors such as product damages, theft, fire, and others. Cameras strategically placed across nooks and crannies will be functional in avoiding disasters in a warehouse.

Camera monitoring devices such as bullet CCTV cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, dome CCTV cameras, among others are best suited for your warehousing facilities. This equipment enables night vision, remote viewing, high-definition imagery, among others.

However, setting a high-end camera is not enough to ensure security monitoring of your warehouse. There are a host of factors that can interfere with your warehouse CCTV monitoring. Such factors include legalities, environmental setting, establishing a user-restricted control room, among others.

On this note, we will highlight the top tips that you must follow to ensure efficient warehouse CCTV monitoring.

Let Us Now Look into Some of The Major Benefits of CCTV Monitoring in a Warehouse

  • Prevent Crime: CCTV monitoring helps to prevent criminal activities from taking place. When the crime-doer knows that there is video footage of him/her committing a crime, he/she is less likely to go ahead with the action
  • Monitor Remotely: NVR (Net Video Recorder) helps you to view live footage of CCTV monitoring from anywhere anytime. Advanced NVR systems enable the sending of notifications to your phone, in case of a theft or a break-in.

It exempts you from the need of employing security guards, thereby saving you costs. 

  • Quality Control: Security camera monitoring service allows you enhance the productivity of your workforce. When you combine CCTV monitoring with embedded audio surveillance system you can monitor your staff seamlessly. This helps to evaluate their performance better and provide important feedback.

With CCTV monitoring, you can watch the different work sections and make sure that no staff is ignoring his/her duty. You can keep an eye on the loading process to ensure that goods are moving as per the plan.

  • Reduce Insurance Expenditure: When your insurance provider is sure that you have undertaken all possible steps to prevent burglaries, they may consider reducing your monthly premium.

6 Practical Tips to Make the Most of Your Warehouse Security Camera Monitoring Service

  1. Using Motion Detection

Motion detection is one of the most fundamental features of a security system.

Warehouses should install motion sensors around areas where only limited access is allowed. The sensors in the motion detector go off when these sense an unusual movement. This sends a signal to the control panel of the security system, and then to the central monitoring center. A sound security camera monitoring system should have a central monitoring system that works 24×7. This makes sure that your warehouse is always secure.

  1. Using Glassbreak Detection

A glassbreak detector as its name suggests is a sensory device that detects any breakage of glass. This device picks up vibrations of shattering glass. If the vibrations cross a specific threshold, the sensor will get activated and send alerts to your security service provider’s central alarm system. 

This detector is very useful for warehouses with windows on the ground floor. Warehouses are mostly expansive, and it is quite hard to manually monitor every window in the facility. It lets you know immediately if someone has broken a window to enter the facility.

  1. Using Remote Notification Technology

Your warehouse can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence solutions (AI) and Internet of things (IoT) to enhance its security by providing real-time alerts. These alerts can be incident-based or set can be set as a periodic reminder.

This technology sends notifications to your phone or email. This enables you to keep an eye on your warehouse from anywhere and anytime.

  1. Integrating Building Access Control with Your Security Plan

Warehouses must invest in smart access control solutions to safeguard inventory storage units and server rooms. The staff can enter these rooms by using one-time authentication passwords (OTP) or through a Bluetooth-based mobile app.

It is also essential that the warehouses have a dedicated surveillance room where the security agents can conduct CCTV monitoring. This room should be closed off to visitors and ideally protected with access control.

  1. Ensuring Optimal Environmental Setting

CCTV cameras are not built to adapt to conditions such as low lighting, extreme heat, or high humidity. The reason behind low-quality CCTV monitoring videos is often either one or all of the given factors. Warehouses should use sturdy storage units and cables to protect the cameras against heat and humidity.

      Warehouses can also use cameras with auto-iris capabilities to function properly in      

      low-lit areas.

  1. Using the Right Security Cameras

CCTV monitoring is efficient when the camera quality is at least 4 MP. You should always consider the layout of your warehouse premises before choosing a camera. You should strategize CCTV monitoring in a way so that it covers the physical and technical blind spots in your warehouse.

Wide-angle cameras are more suitable for expansive areas or open spaces. Rugged Bullet cameras are outdoor-friendly. Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras should be used to monitor a single person. It can also work in a pre-set scanning pattern.

How We Assist You with Our Camera Monitoring Service

Expert Callers offers advanced and customized CCTV monitoring services to warehouses of all sizes. We use state top-of-the-line audio and video technology to provide a fool-proof camera monitoring service to our clients. 

We use IP technology to enable you to centralize your security management system. This system works seamlessly to meet your both onsite and offsite needs.

Our skilled experts work 24X7x365 to safeguard your organization and its assets. They ensure that all safety protocols are followed and that there is no unauthorized access. We promise the least false alarm rates. Our CCTV monitoring services include both recording & archiving that help to prevent crime.

We combine the strengths of high-end technology with immensely skilled professionals to offer you the best CCTV monitoring service. Our camera monitoring services give the required flow to live intelligence to make the most of your investment.

Who Are We and Why Are We Considered as An Industry Authority? 

ExpertCallers has vast experience in providing CCTV monitoring services to companies across the world. We have 68 establishments with over 500 employees. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We provide cellphone/tower monitoring, workplace monitoring, showroom and mall monitoring, construction sites monitoring, warehouse monitoring, and many others.

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