6 Signs Your Wife Has Fallen In Love With Another Man: An Emotional Affair

Many signs can tell you if your wife is having an emotional affair with another man. Not all of them will be obvious at first, but it becomes easier to spot the rest once you start to notice a few. We have compiled a list of 11 common signs that can help you determine if your spouse has fallen in love with someone else and is carrying on an emotional affair. What you can do is download an Android Spy App on your wife’s phone to track her and know what she is up to. Furthermore, If you notice any of these below, then it’s time to take action before the situation worsens.

Let’s take a look at these signs.

1.    Emotional Disturbance (Sudden or Increased)


Your wife is not herself. She has become emotionally unstable and possibly unpredictable, showing extreme highs or lows in previously regulated moods. This can be a sign of intense turmoil on an emotional level which could lead to the belief she may have fallen for another man (or woman).

  • Secret Communication With A “Friend”

Secret communication with a “friend” is an obvious sign that your wife has fallen in love with another man. They want to hide the relationship from you because they know it will hurt you and make them feel bad as well. It’s hard, but if she doesn’t want to be honest about her emotional affair, she may be better off without him anyway.

  • Frequent Talk Of The “Friend” On Social Media

If your wife always posts photos and status updates about this other person, it could be an emotional affair. The two are probably in contact with each other constantly through text messages or phone calls as well. They may be up late texting when they’re supposed to be asleep next to you, which is just another sign that she’s not entirely faithful.

  • Weak Arguments Defending Her Behavior

When confronted by you for some odd reason, your wife will defend herself fiercely if she has a falling out with another man emotionally – even though he might have done something wrong! If there’s no explanation as to why she can’t seem to get along better than them, then she might still be in contact with this person.

  • Lying About Who She’s With

When you ask your wife where she is, if her story changes every time and there are always new details that weren’t mentioned before, it might be an emotional affair. She may not want to lie anymore because the guilt weighs too heavily on them at night when they’re trying to sleep next to you. They’ll tell all of these lies just so that you don’t know what’s been happening behind your back for a while now.

  • Reluctance To Let Go Of A Relationship

When you discuss breaking up with your partner, they may hesitate to let go of the relationship. Talking about marriage or commitment might make them feel uncomfortable for some reason. They may not want to speak at all about what’s wrong and instead try to distract themselves from it by talking about anything else in their life that is unrelated-even if it makes them look like a hypocrite who is hiding something.

The Bottom Line

There is a disturbing trend of wives falling in love with other men, which may be happening more than we think. The Women’s Marital Study found that 15% of women who are married or living as if they were married have engaged in some emotional affair. Make sure that you’re aware of all these signs if your wife has been following them.

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