6 Tech Additions to Consider When Remodeling

Tech upgrades can elevate the convenience, energy efficiency, and even luxury of your living space. And remodeling presents the perfect opportunity to consider installing various technological enhancements in your home. 

1. Advanced Heating and Cooling Systems

Since arriving on the scene in the 1960s, central air ensured consumers no longer sweltered through the summers or made do with window units. But as big a step forward as central HVAC systems were, they’re not the only — or necessarily the best — heating and cooling solution available.

A modern mini split system could make an excellent upgrade, as it lets you efficiently regulate the temperature of individual zones in your house. Consisting of an outdoor compressor and indoor air regulation unit(s), a mini split offers the power of a centralized system with increased flexibility. Because temperature zones are controlled individually, this climate control method provides personalized comfort and curbs energy waste. So when doing your next remodel, invest in a mini split to maximize your comfort indoors.

2. Smart Kitchen Appliances and Fixtures

The digital revolution has left very little in modern life untouched. Even kitchen appliances have made remarkable tech advancements. 

It will even send you notifications when your usual supplies are running low. Induction stovetops offer fine-grained temperature controls and quick heating, so you can always cook at precise temperatures. Touchless faucets let you wash off the traces of food prep without leaving grubby fingerprints behind. These advanced appliances and fixtures can significantly improve your efficiency and quality of life in one of the busiest rooms in your house.

3. Home Security Devices

While traditional alarms and motion sensors are fine, more advanced monitoring systems can be well worth the investment.

Modern technologies like facial recognition, smart locks, and even thermal sensors make it easier than ever to protect your dwelling. These systems allow you to monitor your property remotely and will send you real-time alerts when they detect something unusual. And these technologies are often designed to complement each other, so using them in concert is even more effective than employing them piecemeal. Investing in a comprehensive modern security system can offer you and your family deep peace of mind.

4. Home Theater Systems

Homes aren’t only about practical matters like eating, sleeping, and storing your stuff. They can also be an entertainment venue! Take further advantage of remodeling by installing a home theater system with surround sound speakers and a large high-resolution display. With a home theater system, you can integrate your favorite streaming services, gaming consoles, and smart remotes to create a boredom-banishing environment. 

But what if you’re enjoying a movie and don’t want to pause to do something in another room? Take things one step further by adding additional monitors and speakers throughout your house. 

5. Energy Monitoring and Management Systems

With all of these different technological upgrades, you might be concerned about your energy consumption. If so, incorporating an energy monitoring and management system into your remodeling project is a wise choice. These systems provide detailed insights into your energy use, allowing you to identify money and energy-saving opportunities.

You can also install smart power outlets that enable you to control the operation of various appliances, further optimizing your energy usage. For example, you can schedule the lights to dim before bedtime and to turn off completely in unused rooms. Or if you’re away from home, you can divert power away from unused appliances while maintaining your security system. The beauty of advanced energy monitoring and management systems is that you can adapt them to enhance your lifestyle.

6. Voice-Activated Assistants

Voice-activated assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home are ubiquitous in many households these days. These intelligent virtual assistants respond to voice commands and provide your family with many useful functions. They can answer your burning questions, play music, and even order groceries for you. The cherry on top is that these assistants can integrate with your other smart systems for enhanced functionality. 

For example, by enabling your assistant to control your smart bulbs, you can turn off your bedroom light with a simple voice command. Or you can ask the assistant to play your favorite podcast after it fills up your smart tub with hot water. These voice-activated assistants are so commonplace now that new home tech is often developed with their integration in mind. So there’s a good chance you can voice-control most new smart devices with this technology.

Level Up Your Home

Embracing technological upgrades during your remodeling project can truly transform your home into a modern, efficient, enjoyable living space. Whatever enhancement you choose, it has the potential to maximize your experience at home while minimizing friction. And the beautiful thing is that you can tailor such devices to meet your individual needs exactly.

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