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7 Amazing Tips To Make Your Cabinets Waterproof

Cabinets are the most essential element of every home. So, they define multiple functions like storage, organization, and design aesthetics. Thus, they must be really good-looking. So, the best quality cabinets like Forevermark Cabinets are easy to maintain. But one major threat related to cabinets is the moisture attack in the surroundings to use waterproof. 

So, waterproofing the cabinets is really important. As it will not only protect your cabinet investment. But will avoid mold and bacteria attacks in your home. Thus, the kitchen to the bathroom or any cabinet indoor and outdoor can benefit from it.

 Forevermark cabinets, promising you the fact that it’s no hectic job. So, you can simply waterproof them without stressing your wallet. Thus, let’s check it out.

  1. List Of Content:
  2. Spray Rubber Coating
  3. Prefer Vinyl Tiles
  4. Waterproof Shelf Liners
  5. Replace Leaking Pipes
  6. Waterproof Wood Surface
  7. Use Under Sink Mats
  8. Buy Quality Forevermark Cabinets

Spray Rubber Coating:

So, rubber coating sprays are an amazing product. They are user-friendly; you can simply tackle the spray bottle anywhere. Moreover, they are easy to apply and give the cabinet a smooth finish.  So, prefer buying sprays that get dry quickly. Buy a product that is more heat and crack-resistant. It must be easily removable if you want to take it off. In addition, the application of rubber coating is very simple. Simply cover the extra areas and spray the coating on the target area.

Some important features;

  •  Fast Drying
  • Heat Resistant
  • Crack Resistant 
  • Easily Removable

Prefer Vinyl Tiles:

Prefer using peel and stick vinyl tiles. Thus, vinyl is a waterproof material. And it will protect the cabinets from moisture. So, simply take vinyl tiles and cut them of accurate size. And fix them tightly so no liquid can breach. Thus, it will help to protect cabinets from any kind of moisture attacks. Prefer buying quality and affordable vinyl tiles. So, make them install with great care.

Pros and Cons:

  • Quite Cheap
  • Looks so attractive
  • Quite Laborious
  • Need Proper Accuracy

Waterproof Shelf Liners:

It is a simple waterproof material. So, you can cover and protect the bases of your cabinets. They are quite simple to use. You can simply cut them of your size choice and place them in a water-absorbing zone. Moreover, they are best for less moisture cabinet zones. They also keep the dust and dirt away. And are really easy to maintain and clean.

 In addition, make sure to buy genuinely waterproof liners. They also come with an adhesion feature. So, you can stick them to the cabinets. But there is a non-adhesive option so you can easily remove and clean. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors and styles. 


  • Adhesive or Non-Adhesive
  • Color and Style
  • Size

Replace Leaking Pipes:

Like it is said. Prevention is better than cure. So, one of the best solutions is to prevent water damage to your cabinets. Thus, you can simply replace the old and leaky pipes. As old pipes in your home are really destructing. Moreover, old pipes actually rusk a breakdown. So, metal pipes will get destroyed by rust. And will cause water leakage. 

Thus, it will harm your cabinets. In addition, if you’re looking for durable and extra benefits. Then go for buying copper or PEX pipes. Thus, the most durable, quality, and affordable solution.

 Best Alternatives:

  •  Copper Pipes
  • PEX Pipes

Waterproof Wood Surface:

People mostly use wooden cabinets in the kitchen. So, you need to maintain these beautiful cabinets. Thus, there are some methods to protect the wooden surface from moisture. First of all, you have to apply any lacquer or varnish. Then apply any good quality waterproof stain sealant on the cabinet surface.

 Moreover, prime the area with sandpaper. This will protect the varnish and resist moisture. Now apply varnish of kitchen-friendly nature. So, you apply varnish with a 6-inch foam roller. Apply 3-4 coats and let it dry for 24 hours. 

Features To Focus:

  • Must be food food-grade for kitchens
  • Apply even coatings

Use Under Sink Mats:

Under-sink mats are convenient. So, there is no comparison of the benefits of under sink mats. A high-quality mat will have one or more gallons of water or liquid. Thus, handling small grade liquid spills is easy too. Moreover, some mats have a water sensor with an alarm. This will alert you about any water spill and mold growth.

 However, they are made of easy-to-cut material. Like rubber or latex, they are flexible and easy to clean. Even the installation is easy, just keep the correct measures. Hence your cabinet is ready to handle liquid spill hazards.

 Important Features:

  • Strong liquid capacity
  • High-quality material
  • Customize size option
  • There must be a water sensor with an alarm.

Buy Quality Forevermark Cabinets:

So, if you’re looking for sturdy, high quality, durable, and affordable cabinets for your home. Then look at the Kitchen Design Gallery. Thus, they are selling top-quality Forevermark cabinets. Moreover, they will look super trendy in your kitchen and highly durable too.

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In conclusion, after reading the above you have got an idea. That cabinets are really essential elements. So, it is important to maintain them well. Although if you buy quality cabinets like Forevermark cabinets there is less problem ratio. Moreover, you can protect your cabinets from any moisture. So, simply follow the following steps like rubber coating, vinyl tiles, under-sink mat, waterproof wood, and copper pipes. They will help in protecting the cabinets from moisture and other liquid spills. Lastly, they will protect your cabinets and make them durable.

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