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How to Restore the Plastic Interior of a Car

Every vehicle lover, in one way or another, tries to take care not only of the appearance of their automobile but also pays a lot of attention to the interior decoration. We spend a lot of time inside a car, so it’s worth paying special attention to its condition. Many vehicle owners with high mileage or owners of one of the auction cars for sale are better off contacting special services, but in this article, we will discuss how to restore the plastic of the car interior with your own hands and supply some useful tips.

Car Interior Plastic Restoring and Its Types

Several methods can be used to achieve a good effect when restoring plastic in the car interior. As already mentioned above, you can contact a special service where professionals will do all the work for you. At the same time, there are many ways to restore the former look of the interior on your own. First, you should decide on the recovery method:

  • Spraying paint on plastic.
  • Pasting the part with a special film.
  • Grinding of plastic elements with heating.

Car service professionals today use all three of these methods, but this doesn’t mean that the expert’s ways of working cannot be used by you. Let’s look at each of the recovery options in more detail.

Spraying Paint on Plastic

This is probably the most straightforward method you can use. Restoring the plastic of the car interior in this way has been practiced for quite a long time. That’s why car service professionals managed to draw up a certain work algorithm.

To begin with, it is necessary to dismantle damaged plastic panels, using the proper tools like ceramic pro fremont for this. Then the parts should be thoroughly washed, cleaned of dirt, and degreased with a product that does not damage the plastic.

If there are deep scratches on a plastic part, you cannot do without putty when restoring the element. The corresponding places are puttied and then cleaned with fine-grained sandpaper. However, it should be noted that if the part has a grooved surface or any pattern, it is better to avoid the putty process. After completing the above-mentioned manipulations, you can start priming the part, painting it, and varnishing it.

The primer is applied in 2-3 layers. If necessary, the surface is additionally polished after the primer. Then it remains only to apply paint and varnish. Both procedures must be carried out in several layers. In the end, the part is ready for installation.

Plastic Restoring Using Vinyl Wrap

It’s not always possible to reinstate the car interior’s plastic elements with high quality since the part is already significantly worn out, and reinstating the appearance is an extremely difficult task. That’s why vinyl wrap, which is used to restore the plastic of the car interior, has become popular recently. The good thing is that vinyl film manufacturers offer a huge number of options with different quality, colors, and densities, so there are no problems with the choice.

As in the previous method, everything begins with disassembling the parts necessary for restoration and cleaning them. After dismantling the plastic elements, it’s necessary to cut the wrap for the parts to be tightened. For this, the film is applied to the plastic parts and the contour is marked with a special marker. Here, the main attention should be focused on the accuracy of restoration work. Only in this case will the interior plastic be properly reinstated. Next, the film is removed from the substrate and glued using heat. In order to avoid bubbles and other irregularities, a rubber roller or spatula is used to level the film. It remains only to let the part dry, and you can safely install it in its rightful place.

Grinding With Heating

It’s the most affordable and fastest way to restore the plastic parts of your car’s interior. If the plastic elements aren’t worn out so much, then this method will be the best solution for reinstating their former appearance.

It’s worth saying right away that, in this case, we don’t need to disassemble the interior, and this makes this method of restoration so simple. However, it’s still necessary to clean the parts. You’ll need an industrial hair dryer and, in some cases, even an ordinary one and a terry cloth towel will do. You need to work with the equipment carefully, trying not to overheat the part. It’s necessary to warm up the surface of the part and polish the plastic in circular motions using a terry cloth towel. The first results will be visible almost immediately. The plastic will look brand new, and light scratches will completely disappear.

Wrap Up

No matter how carefully we treat the plastic in the car interior, sooner or later there always comes a moment when scratches appear on it. At the same time, this is not a reason to get upset and give the car to the service. In the article, we reviewed some simple ways to return the plastic elements of your car’s interior to their former attractive appearance. 

And if you’re worried about scratches that can appear during transportation – choose proven and quality services at in the USA.

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