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Are you a fanof the My Big Fat Fabulous Life series that aired in Canada, and the United States on prime video? Whitney Way Thore, the main character of this series. Whitney’s struggles in her life inspired the series. She is a talented dancer but suffers from obesity.

The original series premiered in 2015. It has 3.4/5 Star IMBD ratings. Google reviews indicate that 78% of viewers liked the series. Let’s take a look at Did Babs Get?

Babs status:

Season 10 initially focused upon the health problems facing the Thores. Whitney’s mum, Babs (pictured above), was in serious condition. Babs’ miraculous recovery was evident in the most recent episode. She was released from the hospital. Glenn and her 45th marriage anniversary were celebrated. Let’s see what happened to Babs below.

Timeline: Health issues faced by Babs

Whitney’s health has worsened since the start season 10 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Let’s take a look at Did Babs Thore To Die. Babs was a regular person, as seen in episode 1. Glenn, Glenn’s husband, went out to buy her lunch, and returned approximately one hour later. Babs was still unconscious, how did you find out?

Babs was immediately taken to hospital. Doctors informed her that she had suffered a stroke. Further episodes revealed that Babs and Glenn had tested positive for covid. Therefore, they will have to stay in isolation until they are fully recovered. Whitney’s test result was negative. So, Whitney was the only family member who could visit Babs.

Health conditions and information about Did Babs Dies 

Whitney was in constant pain and she was upset about her mother’s health. Even worse was the news that Babs wasn’t taking her medicine and food. Therefore, doctors had to insert a feeding tube.

Babs’s health deteriorates as she suffers from a bacterial infection of the urinary tract. As Whitney was admitted to the palliative care center, the doctors drew the attention of viewers. Palliative care facilities are recommended for those with serious illness.

Why viewers wished to know Did Babs Get ?

The suspense is increased when Whitney tells us that Babs should be fed through a tube. Whitney was overcome with despair.


Babs’ death was revealed by the viewer via a timeline of health events. She had a stroke and an issue with her heart, was diagnosed with covid and has a bladder infection.

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