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7 Influences of Rakhi Tradition across Borders


Riding on a jubilant celebration is winning over humanity’s greatest trials, the divide we look back on in blood and stones. But it’s our silent footprints that pave our way back into our home traditions. And this is how the shared sense of belonging no longer edged swords dwindling, a threat unforeseen of the unknown.

Raksha Bandhan, which falls in the month of Shravana (i.e August) has endured through the sands of time. Its unique celebration expresses serenity in tying a sacred thread on the wrist of a beloved brother. This long-awaited, harmonious, and pious tradition of Raksha Bandhan is a compelling custom deeply rooted in selfless prayers and family bonds, thus making it viewed as a testament to God’s Goodness.

To capture the essence behind making the tradition of Rakhi emerge across cultures. The spirit of Rakhi has long transcended borders, spreading its magic to different parts of the world. Here are the 7 remarkable influences of Rakhi on the Globe.  

  1. Cultural Influence:

If we could trace back in time, we could instantly have known the intense plea when pledged upon folklores. What is now a myth may have been culturally relevant to preserve the human urge for something immaculate in innocence, like the bond brothers and sisters share with one another.

You are sure to come across legends about Lord Krishna and Draupadi, as well as Indra Dev and Sachi. Born in adversity are among the timeless and endearing adaption in modern sensibility. Such as in Thailand, the festival is called “Rakhi Samman” and is observed with colourful and intricate threads adorning the wrists of brothers. 

  1. Showcasing Traditional Designs:

The sacred thread of Rakhi, imbibed from holy prayers of unconditional love, is central to the Festival of Raksha Bandhan. This ceremonial design itched on amulets is finely crafted from the legendary oral traditions that travel through times. The craftsmen ship of foretelling the story of India and it’s ancestors is proudly showcased in techniques of bead-cutting and stone chipping to interlacing the straps of leathers hooked with a chain holding a mortify of Hindu Deities.

Sending Rakhi to USA has been at a culmination of contemporary relevance. The festive designs of Kundan in Mauli grasps an undeniable attention among not just NRI Indians but those who aren’t any longer foreign to the pure message of love and protection that Rakhi’s embody in its Design.

  1. Churned local and global demand:

Raksha Bandhan is among the very few festivals that have risen from its archaic form and evolved well with the changing social-cultural norms. It can be baffling how Rakhi, from a religious festival, has become more of a cultural moment in the context of urban India.

A sustainable, modelled Global impact of Traditional Rakhi has domestically churned all in all the perfect proportions of the mix for the industry. It emerges as the most beautiful blend of customers inclined to adopt this tradition.

  1. Carving marketing landscape:

If one were to closely lens into the Phenomena that marvels into bolder imaginations of a better brighter tomorrow. The market landscapes have driven through a topsy-turvy spike in International Rakhi Parcels during the festive seasonal rush. 

It can either become a nightmare or good luck to hear about the timely arrival of Rakhi to India, which you sent from abroad. So, do no longer pinch dust to bite on the pitted gamble of brand promos. Make informed decisions and, scan through valid sources, and review.

  1. Find Heart warming stories :

The festival not only preserves the tradition but also encourages unity, respect, and care among siblings and goes beyond. Such a culture is embodied in its religious practice, impacts how we see and think about ourselves and those around us. 

Society evolves, and Raksha Bandhan reminds us to always cherish and nurture the relationships that provide us with a sense of belonging, protection, and unwavering support. And not to take it for granted a heavenly blessing of being a family to someone.

  1. Role of Social Media :

The tradition of Rakhi to UK has taken on new meanings with the onslaught of social media. They have broadened the scope with a notion of cultural movement and become more inclusive and participative for adding that spark that shines uniquely in celebration by the individual find their own meanings in the tradition.

  1. Integration Tradition with Modernity:

Rituals evoked in an auspicious hour are the foundation of the Hindu religion. People embrace its message of love and protection has grown beyond its traditional boundaries among people from diverse backgrounds and faiths and knows by many names.


From being a cotton thread with little shiny beads to being tech-savvy, Bluetooth-enabled, and diamond-studded, the Rakhi Thread has come a very long way to redefine this boundless celebration that travelled across worlds with a strong footing in tradition and family ties embracing change. It has been preserved with the utmost care, generosity, and unconditional love of siblings.

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