Ranking the Top 5 Best Commercial Ads by Altered State Productions

You spot them. I spot them. We all spot them. They’re all over. When the last human leaves Earth, they will be the only thing still running.

What are they? They’re the commercial ads and brand ads you’ve watched on Hulu, E, YouTube, and more.

Altered State Productions has delivered over 96 nationally aired TV ad campaigns for brands like Jameson, Valyou, OWN, and more. In the past 30 days alone, their commercials have aired 18,741 times.

They’re catchy, aggressive, and unforgettable. They’re on every second during VH1 Love and Hip Hop Marathons. When they air, it’s like watching popcorn pop in the microwave—captivating. You don’t want to hit skip. They’re creative, making you feel like all is right with the world. Seeing them makes you forget about climate change, ocean pollution, and political turmoil.

And because we’re in a universe obsessed with ranking everything and turning every detail into a listicle, here at Publicist Paper, we’re ranking Altered State Productions commercials. Don’t roll your eyes at me. You know you’ve been waiting for this.

We’re not ranking all of them—there are just too many. If we did, our Publicist Paper servers would crash. Besides, putting them all in one place might tear a hole in the fabric of the internet. We can’t risk that.

So, enjoy these rankings. This is your moment to revel in the brilliance of the top Adspots by the creative team at Altered State Productions. These definitely deserve a Clio Award, we’re rooting for you Medina.

#5: Train To Win

In this powerful testimonial video, you see the life and passion of a dedicated gym owner with an infectious love for boxing. His commitment to nurturing future boxers shines through, showing a devotion that goes beyond training, highlighting the sport’s discipline, resilience, and strategic mindset. In under 30 seconds, it made me feel invincible, like those YouTube motivational videos with someone yelling at you. The video wraps up with a clear message: his gym is a birthplace for champions, and his purpose in life is to shape the next generation of boxers— to fight for their life purpose. Honestly, if this doesn’t get you off the couch, nothing will.

#4: The Last Generation

In The Ocean Foundation’s impactful campaign, Eddie Castillo used advanced aerial drone videography to capture stunning overhead shots of North Shore, Hawaii, showcasing the beauty of our environment. This visual strategy was paired with a carefully curated audio track featuring philosophical narrations by Alan Watts, set against a rich cascade of electronic synths.

Almost like something you would see out of a National Geographic Planet Possible opener, creating a compelling call to action that combined visual awe with a sense of responsibility for the planet.

#3: The Most Powerful

Altered State Productions’ collaboration with The Wolves LA for a percussion massage gun really hit the sensory sweet spot. The edit was perfect for high-energy, sport-like dynamics, reflecting the brand’s innovative and active lifestyle. With intense, hard-hitting music and fast-paced edits, this feels like the future of sports medicine, technology, and wellness—and I’m all in.

Notably, the agency used the rotobrush tool in After Effects for the REVO™ campaign, expertly isolating subjects to highlight the key features of the sports recovery equipment. The use of creative post-production techniques, like noise and motion graphics, added a cool edge, resonating with a young audience that’s in sync with trending media. They might not be looking for muscle recovery and skin therapy now, but they will be after this.

#2: A Glowing Review

In a testimonial video for a luxury skincare brand, Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Valdez’s noticeable scar catches your eye. Set against a luxe, tech-glamor spa-themed backdrop, Valdez, in a polished dress, initially highlights the brand’s sophistication. But a knee-height camera angle emphasizes her scar, blending her high-end appearance with a symbol of athletic resilience. This powerful visual contrast showcases the skincare product’s real-world effectiveness, enhancing the testimonial’s authenticity and relatability. Sometimes, it’s the unfiltered moments—fears, dreams, excitement, and even embarrassing stories—that truly resonate and make the story hit home.

#1: The Art of Living

For the luxury brand Mario Capasa, Altered State’s approach focused on creating a sense of mystery and exclusivity through light and shadow. By skillfully manipulating lighting and using silhouette cinematography, they produced a series of teaser videos that hinted at the designer’s presence without fully revealing his identity. This method was captivating, reminiscent of Gucci commercials, and left the audience curious, like wondering about Charlie from Charlie’s Angels—a man whose face you never see but you know exists. The video assembly and color aesthetics of purples, gold, black, and white made you feel like you stumbled into a photoshoot for GQ Italia. This consistent thematic undertone throughout the campaign enhanced the luxury brand’s mystique with subtle reveals of design elements. It’s pure escapism—makes me want to walk around my home in a designer suit.

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Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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