7 Insane (But True) Facts About Pest Control

We know that pests are harmful to your health and property, but many of the customers neglect this issue leading to severe damage. Some of them even try DIYs, which can reduce pest infestation but cannot resolve the issue. Today rather than suggesting different DIY tips, we are going to tell you scientific facts about different pests. All these facts may sound crazy, but they are true. This post can be a nightmare if you are facing a severe pest infestation, contact same day pest control Melbourne so do not forget to resolve the issues after reading this article. 

Adult House Ants Do Not Consume Solid Food 

You have not heard it, right? You can find house ants in your kitchen, especially in spring and summer, but they do not consume solid foods because it is tough for the digestive systems. That means if they swallow solid food, they will die. That is why ant colonies often apply an enzyme that breaks the solid food into liquid.  

Adult Ants Have Strainer in Mouth-parts  

Adults have a strainer or colander in their mouth parts because if anything too big enters their mouth, they spit out easily. If this part does not work properly, they will die by swallowing solid food. 

Newly Hatched Bed Bugs Survive without Food 

It is scientifically proven that newly hatched bed bugs survive without food, but it depends on several factors like how active they are and how much energy they are using for daily activities. If they use more energy, they will not survive for a long time. Another significant factor is the temperature of the area. Bed Bugs are cold-blooded, and they slow down their metabolism in cold temperatures. That means they are using less energy and can survive for a few months without feeding. 

Bed Bugs Have Waxy Exoskeletons 

This waxy body part prevents drying out, and that helps them to live longer. The interesting part is this waxy exoskeleton makes them more resistant to insecticides. That is why DIYs do not work on bedbugs and will return sooner than expected. Professionals use advanced tools and certified products, which are effective on bedbugs that break this waxy exoskeleton and prevent their infestation. 

German Cockroaches Produce More Descendants in a Year  

This is the reason cockroach infestations must be treated at an early stage. Otherwise, they spread quickly from your kitchen. Do you know that a single German cockroach can produce more than 5000 eggs in a year? It is the toughest cockroach to control in residential and commercial premises. Generally, the egg takes 28 days to hatch, and the female produces a new egg every six weeks. Moreover, they reach sexual maturity after 60 days of hatching and start reproducing again. If you cannot control cockroach infestation in your premises with regular home remedies, it is time to consult a professional for advanced pest control treatment. 

Mice Reach Their Reproductive Maturity in Two Months 

The typical lifespan of a house mouse is around one year, but they reach their reproductive maturity within two months. They can live up to three years if they get regular food sources and protection.  

Mice Have Zero Control over Their Elimination Functions 

Generally, you can find the droppings and urine of mice anywhere in your house because they have no bladders to control their function. It may happen in your cabinet, drawers, kitchen, cupboards and pillow. It increases the chance of spreading different diseases. 

Interesting Facts from Our Pest Library

Our members offer a wide range of pest treatments to all residential and commercial clients. Read the following pest facts to get interesting insights: 


Bird nests on roofs cause serious issues in a building. They can also make a building look bad with droppings. 


Cockroach is a common pest in homes and businesses. Cockroaches can infest food, kitchen and cabinets with droppings. They can also be found in restaurants and lodgings, especially in warmer months.  


Australia is home to approx. 2000 species of ants. The ants reach reproductive maturity within two months, and they multiply in number quickly. Their nests can be found in soil, wood, and rocks. 


These are very annoying! They can also spread diseases and cause damage to plants. A flea bite can cause severe itching and irritation.


Possums in Australia pose a serious threat to pets and humans. They also attract other pests and make the condition complex. Moreover, they are protected species, so you must consult with a professional for possum removal. 

Bees and Wasps 

Wasp nests and bee hives around your premises can be dangerous, especially near a children’s playground. Both of them can sting and cause pain, swelling, or in extreme cases, leads to anaphylactic shock. 


Silverfish eat anything with high levels of protein, starch, or sugar. It includes books, cereals, and many fabrics materials. Silverfish like to live in damp, moist areas, so they are often found in basements and bathrooms. 


Spiders eat many common insects in the garden and house. However, they can pose a serious danger to children and pets. An adult spider bite can be painful and cause swelling around the bite. However, some spider bites can lead to death. 


Rats can cause significant damage to the agricultural industry by eating newly sown seeds. They can also cause damage to electrical wiring, buildings, and food items. 

Schedule a Pest Inspection  

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