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7 Ways to get better at Dota 2

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This game is probably amongst the most challenging games you can find in the industry. But, the shocking aspect is that even seasoned gamers still find it hard to conquer it completely. So, pay attention to what you can do to play better. 

Fortunately, you can still find some undetected Dota 2 hacks to play and enjoy it more. Moreover, we will discuss the few things that help sharpen your skills for this game. Afterward, you can understand how everything works, from heroes, weapons, objectives, and strategies to be a good team player. 

So, if you’re ready, check them below!

How to horn your Dota 2 Skills. 

  1. Understand the gameplay

Dota 2 gameplay centers on two teams made up of five players. The objective in the game is to destroy or defend the “Ancient” the characters comes as “Heroes,” and they can be played as Cores or Support.

If you play the Core hero, you’ll be gaining abilities as the game progresses. The Support characters are there to help the Cores to perform better. Players can be in the attacking team or defending team. The former aims at destroying the Ancient, while the latter prevents them from doing it. 

So, once you understand the game and what you’re expected to do in your team, it will be easier to play better. 

  1. Play different characters 

The playable characters in Dota 2 are called “Heroes,” and each of them has powerful abilities, especially the Cores. Players need to unlock the abilities with experience levels, and even the ultimate requires a higher experience level to use. 

But the abilities differ from one Hero to another. That’s why you should play some of them to understand better. Since you can’t master the whole characters, choose some of them and know how they work and their abilities. That way, you can consistently deliver the best result when playing with your team. 

  1. Learn from others 

This game is not very easy, but some people have mastered it better than others. So, if you’re serious about it, try searching for someone to teach you. There are many things you might do wrongly initially if there’s no one to guide you. 

So, ask around in gaming groups or amongst your friends to find anyone who will put you through it. 

  1. Dota 2 Tutorials help.

 If you can’t find a teacher, use the tutorials provided by the developers. You will learn many things in the tutorials, especially some of the heroes to play. Also, the tutorials talk about the abilities that different heroes have and even how you can activate them.

But don’t expect an in-depth guide because the tutorials are just for introduction. But at least, you won’t jump into the game without knowing anything about it. 

  1. Start from the Support 

In the beginning, you can start the game as a Support character. This group of players doesn’t have damaging abilities, but at least they play important roles too. So you can learn the game a bit more by playing them first. 

When you’ve mastered some of the styles and requirements, you can start playing the Core heroes. 

  1. Play the game more often.

Some things are better learned with action than talks. If you don’t play the game more, there’s no way to improve. So, we’re reminding you that the more you play, the easier and faster you master it. The truth is that it might take you more than 100 games to master it. There are many complex things about Dota 2 that will take time to understand. 

For instance, the heroes are too many, and mastering their abilities will be very difficult. Also, players must adapt fast to every game to play better. Also, you may need to master your mouse movement to ensure fast and accurate execution of actions while playing. All these will take thousands of hours to learn. 

That’s why you must play many times to improve on these things with each game. The good news is that you can team up with more experienced players at first to play the game. That way, you’ll learn more. However, don’t play with random people as communication and teamwork might be difficult. 

  1. Watch professionals play

Here is another way to get better at this game. Create a little time to watch others play it. You can gain this experience by following competitions on Dota 2. It might shock you to learn many things that you never knew about the game. 

While watching them, you can even copy their strategies and playstyle. Afterward, you can practice and master it. So, don’t just try to learn all by yourself. Instead, explore the Dota 2 community and learn from them. 


If you’ve been struggling with mastering Dota 2, don’t fret about it. Many people find the game difficult to understand and win. However, with the ways we’ve shared above, you can learn faster and play better too. So explore them from today.

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