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Immortals Review: Fenyx Rising. Breath of boredom

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Immortals: Fenyx Rising  is a bug. No, this is not a conclusion about the game, after which you can no longer read the review. While working on  Assassin’s Creed Odyssey  , the F95zone studio encountered a funny bug: the crew of Cassandra’s trireme turned into Cyclops. Then the developers decided that it would be nice to “discard historical books” and take up the myths of ancient Greece. Did the studio come up with something that you want to look at with your eyes wide open? Let’s figure it out.


A long time ago, when Zeus, by his own admission, was in good physical shape, he managed to defeat the monstrous titan Typhon and crush him with a huge rock. Everything was fine until the stars began to fall from the sky, which tore the chains holding the monster. The embittered Typhon easily crushed the self-loving and corrupt gods, and even great demigods like Achilles did not help them. Typhon defeated almost everyone except Zeus. At that time he was absent from the workplace, as he was busy with an important business – he was tasting wine. Realizing that without his lightning and with a lack of combat practice, he could not defeat Typhon, Zeus came for help to Prometheus, whom he himself chained and forced the crow to peck at the poor fellow’s liver. Prometheus offers a bet: he is convinced that people are not a mistake of nature and that it is man who will defeat Typhon. 

If he turns out to be right then Zeus promises to cool his divine ardor and stop mocking Prometheus. If a person fails, then Zeus forcibly forces Prometheus to help him in the battle with Typhon. 

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A difficult task fell on the shoulders of Phoenix – a hero that the player creates on his own. Ancient Greece will accept you by anyone: a brutal bald warrior with a Kratos-like look and a woman’s voice or a bearded girl with pink hair. Gods in Immortalskeep abreast of current trends. Zeus, for example, brags about his knowledge of non-binary people. But despite the fact that the editor allows you to create a man, the plot was written specifically for the female version of Phoenix. The heroine is a fragile girl soaring in the clouds, who is slightly pressed by her kinship with the great warrior. While her brother smashes enemies left and right, she cannot hold a shield in her hands, but she knows a thousand stories about the gods. 

However, Prometheus is sure that it is up to her to defeat the mighty Typhon. In the course of the plot, Phoenix gains self-confidence, inspires the gods and even allows himself to make jokes and sarcastic comments about them. Don’t rush to accuse me of sexism. The male version of Phoenix will experience the same changes. But Ubisoft’s beton the girl is understandable and tangible everywhere. According to the investigations, the developers have been trying to tell stories about interesting heroines for years like HuniePop 2. Do not blame them for the fact that after many years of refusals, they come off to the fullest with Cassandra, as well as Eivor and Phoenix, for whom it is better to play in a female guise. 

Like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla , which gamers compared to The Witcher , Immortals: Fenyx Rising also received a nickname from gamers. She was named “French Zelda”. The similarities are striking both visually and mechanically. The developers also combine pastel colors with contrasting colors, creating the effect of a “come to life” cartoon. It is not as striking as the Nintendo game , but the developers managed to convey the feeling of a fairy tale. There are a lot of borrowings in mechanics. For active actions, stamina is used, which inexorably decreases if the character runs quickly, climbs a mountain, swims or flies on wings. In addition, one of the most important roles in the gameplay of Immortalsplay puzzles. To carry heavy objects, Phoenix uses a power that visually resembles the magnet from BotW . 

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Finally, players will be able to tame mounts, collect various herbs and brew potions, and search for points of interest on the map using a telescope. There is nothing wrong with the fact of borrowing, as long as these ideas work and are combined with their own ideas. Ubisoft picked up the workings of their Japanese colleagues and applied them in their own strategy for creating “amusement worlds”. As with any French open world game, Immortalsa huge number of gaming activities. So much so that you just get tired of looking for them all in a telescope after the next “synchronization”. Here is a chest, there is ambrosia, necessary for pumping, near the entrance to the dungeons of Tartarus, a little further tests for archers, local “tags”, a musical puzzle and Zeus knows what else. 

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