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7 Ways To Protect Your Social Security Number

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Identity stealing is mostly occurs in the United States in part because the citizens are asked to provide their SSN (Social Security Number) in many situations of interactions, The “SSN” were never intended to be a ‘one size ehre fits all” primary ID, but in many ways, that is exactly what happens. Although, there are also many ways available for people to protect their precious social security card template IDs from unwanted incidents. 

When to Provide 

Not everyone will ask for your SSN, only some will. If someone reports information about you to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you might need to supply your SSN. That will include your employer, banks or lenders, state unemployment insurance and workers compensation offices. 

There are also other institutions and businesses out there that have the right to ask for your number, if they don’t need it, you don’t have to provide it either. 

How to Protect Your SSN

Most of the people are asked to provide their SSN (Social Service Number) by many local authorities. SSNs can solve many of your issues, that is why it is very important to protect them. We are going to discuss some ways for individuals to protect their SSN from identity thieves. 

1. Alternative Form of ID

If someone from any business or other organization asks for your SSN, you can offer your driver’s license number instead of giving your SSN. Or you can provide them with your passport, any kind of proof of current and previous address or just a student ID from  your college is enough to get it done.

2. Don’t Bring Your Card With You

Avoid carrying your Social Security card template when you are roaming outside. Do not enter your SSN into your phone, PC or other electronic devices. You will not need your SSN card unless the cause is very important. Normally, reciting the number is all that is required. Memorize the number of your SSN card and leave it at your home. 

3. Don’t Use The Number as a Password

Never use your SSN number as a password – or just even a part of it. The password can be stolen or easily decrypted if fallen under wrong hands. Better avoid using your SSN number as a password rather than giving it away. Be smart and be safe. 

4. Don’t Send Your SSN via an Electronic Device

Do not type your SSN number into email or any kind of messages. These messages can be intercepted and decrypted easily. Also keep in mind to avoid recording the number in voicemails. It is best to do it in person if you ever need to contact someone and give them your Social security card template number or calling them and doing it live. 

5. Never Give The Number to Strangers

Never provide your SSN card number to someone you don’t know who just calls you on the phone, even if he says he is working with authorities. Same thing goes for unsolicited emails and the form you fill in on the internet. Do not give your Social Security Card template number unless you are absolutely certain they have a solid reason and a right to have it. 

6. Shared Mail and Documents With Personal Details

Discarded Emails and documents with personal details are goldmine for identity thieves. Avoid throwing out papers that contain your personal information such as your SSN number. It is better to use a paper shredder for such purposes. Also, do not leave mail in an outside mailbox for a long time. Stealing your mail is another way thieves can get your information.

 7. Don’t Forget to Protect Your Child’s SSN

While you are protecting your own SSN, you also need to make sure you are equally monitoring your children’s numbers. This is most often an issue at the doctor’s office. Most medical facilities are more than happy to use an insurance account number instead of your SSN or your child’s.     

It is wise to stay careful rather than being a careless person and welcoming uninvited troubles. Be smart and be safe. Have a good day.                       

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