7 Ways Where You Can Fax in 2022

The first fax machine appeared in 1843. Even though hundreds of years have passed, the fax remains a popular tool. Every day, people send 100 million fax machine requests to Google. In the USA, Japan, Canada, and many other countries, faxing is normal for organizations and ordinary people. For example, according to various estimates, faxes are used in 40-50% of households.

Although this tool is in demand, many people wonder: “Where can I fax something?” There are seven easy ways to send a fax: smartphone, computer, business center, public fax, local company, office printer with fax board, or friends. Below we have described the advantages of these methods and give tips for implementation.

Method 1: Your Smartphone

Surely, like many other users, you underestimate your smartphone and do not understand how to fax a document from iPhone or Android because these are not traditional fax machines. Modern smartphones have a unique feature: text recognition. To start the scanning process, you need a special fax app, which you can find in Google Play or the App Store.

What can a fax app do? With this tool, you can process all documents, including receipts, books, photos, notes, passports, IDs, cards, posters, licenses, newspapers, menus, certificates, letters, etc. Without leaving your office or home, you can send files to the appropriate fax addresses.

The tool can scan text with 99% accuracy and convert it to digital format. The app offers editing functions if you want to crop the photo or change the size or color. In addition, the system allows users to track how documents are delivered. Thus, this is the most convenient way not to take much time.

Method 2: Your Computer or Laptop

If you are more comfortable working through a computer or laptop, these are just as effective tools for faxing paperwork as smartphones. To connect fax to a computer, you need a special telephone line. Note that a VoIP phone line or Internet phone will not work. Also, only hardcopy documents will be available for scanning.

What computers or laptops support fax? In 2022, only two companies support fax: Windows and Linux. Windows computers come with free fax software. Linux computers also have a lot of free software, including Hylafax and Hylafax+.

Unfortunately, Mac computers do not have fax software because they no longer have a compatible fax modem. However, you can use the online services that Apple offers.

Method 3: Business Center

Any location designed as a business center will have a fax machine. The most famous are and, which have maps of coworking spaces worldwide. Internet cafes are also popular: Coworking Resources and OfficeRnD. Convention centers keep up: CVent has a list of convention centers worldwide for the US. They can be open only for participants and closed if there is no event.

The cost of fax services becomes $1-2 for every page. Platforms work with both digital and hardcopy documents. Experts can edit the files to suit your requirements. Therefore, specialists can do everything for you if you do not want to understand the fax process yourself.

Method 4: Public Fax

Truck stops, marinas, and regional airports may have fax machines. They are much cheaper than a print or copy shop and are open 24/7. Often, public fax machines are located in restaurants, hotels, and schools near the above places where you can wait for a document to be sent.

Please note that these faxes will only accept hardcopy documents. However, if you contact the administration, the employee can kindly provide a computer where you can download the digital version of the papers.

Method 5: Local Company

Most local banks, pharmacies, law offices, medical centers, and grocery stores have fax machines. These locations will not have a public faxing policy. However, company employees may sympathize with you and agree to send faxes.

Since fax services are not the main task of such companies, most likely the employees will not ask you for payment, but you can thank them with sweets. How to ask a local company to help you? There are two methods: direct and indirect.

An example of a direct question: “Hi, can I use your fax to send important papers?” Example of an indirect question: “Hi, I need to fax some papers, but I can’t find a public fax machine. Can you help me find a fax machine nearby?” It is better to use the first method since a direct request removes awkwardness among interlocutors and includes accurate information.

Method 6: A Office Printer With a Fax Board

Multifunctional printers and copiers of the 21st century have optional fax. To fax through the printer, you need a phone line. The approximate cost of a printer with fax is $4000-6000 – this is cheaper than a traditional fax machine.

The advantage of such a tool is that you can access it 24/7. In addition, the printer copes well with both digital and hardcopy documents.

Method 7: Friends and Acquaintances

Remember the rule of 7 handshakes: maybe one of your friends has fax or knows where to get it. Talk to family and friends to find the best faxing tool for paperwork. Teamwork will save you time and money. Remember to thank your loved ones with a kind word and deed.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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