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8 Easy Activities to Build Kids Imagination

 I love the inspiring lines from Sir Ken Robinson which says, “Imagination is the source of all human achievement. Imagination plays an essential role in the life of kids as it is a companion for creativity. activity tables Here are some activities to boost kids’ imagination. Hop in and let’s take a ride!

Coloring Activities using Coloring Pages

To many kids, coloring activities using different pages is nothing more than a fun activity. It presents a great opportunity to build their imagination beyond just passing the time or the moment of engagement in the activity. For kids’ to build strong imaginative capabilities, coloring pages/ books is highly recommended and useful.

kids painting party give children the opportunity to express themselves artistically while also teaching them the love of creation.

Printable coloring pages enable kids as they learn their colors and spark their artistic creativity.They have their own world of imagination waiting to be unleashed to create something unique of their own. Their ability to learn how to imagine is as important as breathing. This in turn aids the development of experimental qualities in kids later. Wooden climbing frames are also the best solution for your kids to make them physically active.

Drawing/ Artwork Activities

Kids can have endless fun while their imagination runs wild and at the same time increase their imaginative capability.  Drawing is a useful activity that helps them to communicate emotionally and to express themselves creatively. It improves their intellectual growth and their concentration because the tactile element grabs their attention as well as develops their imagination powers from a tender age.

With this, they can create their own stories because they allow them to dive into the ocean of imagination.  Drawing aids visual storytelling and can transport them into a fantasy world. This can inspire and motivate them to learn something new and even direct their future path. It helps to create vivid images of houses, people, places and other objects that drift into the mind. These activities would then play a beneficial role in the development of kids’ brain.

 Imagination becomes more active as they engage in this activity.  Drawing is a physical representation of what goes on in their mind and their emotions to create all of the things that we use and are surrounded by every day. It can include using shapes like circle, crosses, and strokes, zigzag marks, and so on with different tools such as thick markers, crayons, pencils and paint. Apart from this you can also look for multiple things to do with kids to enhance their imagination, creativity level and brain development.

Creative Arts And Crafts

Art and craft is a great way to initiate kids’ imagination. This is a useful channel to enable their learning, concentration, expression and dexterity. There is no need to wait till there are fancy equipment for kids’ engage in this activity. Kids can have free reign to their imaginations through arts and craft activities.

 With these tool; paper cutting, old buttons, cardboards, paper, colorful yarn, paper doilies, leaves and twigs, glue sticks, colored construction paper, glitter, sticker makers and so on.  With little guidance, kids can use those tools to engage their imagination to create different objects.  Their curiosity and imagination enable them to create ordinary objects that have extraordinary appeal.

 For example, cardboard rolls from paper towels and toilet tissue, crayons, paper, nature items, scraps of fabric, colorful yarn, glue sticks, construction papers of diverse colors can get the kids busy for a long time to show innovation and creativity. These tactile elements foster kids’ imagination and develop a wholesome artistic skills. They can create butterfly craft, flower pens, finger paints, robots, castles, cardboard tubes, toy cameras, building blocks, to mention but a few.

Imaginative Play/Drama

 Imaginative Play/Drama is also known as role play/ pretend play. In this imaginative activity, kids can engage in various tasks, plots and storylines to express positive and negative emotions, discover and make choices, and experience the outcome of their decisions in a safe environment. This activity presents them the opportunity to act out diverse experiences or something that interests them in life. They can be anyone and anything they choose to act out.

Truth be told, this activity is essential to kids’ development as they explore their world and people in it.  Examples are; fairies, slaying the dragon, saving the princess, becoming a chef, playing the superheroes, the Detective,  and so many more. With the experiences they see around them and the observations they make, kids can go into imaginative worlds to make sense of their reality and learn how to communicate with people around them. They can also learn how to behave and practice their social skills. It is simply about what the eye can see, the ear can hear, what they feel with their sense of touch, taste and smell which imaginative play provides them with. In all, kids learn practical life skills and share with others.

Painting Activities

Painting activities helps kids to explore their imagination in terms of color usage. It aids the conveyance of ideas, emotional expression, usage of the senses, color exploration and the creation of aesthetic experiences and paint works. Kids love to color and their freedom to engage in this activity over and over again using their hands or brushes is important to them.  They can also use other items such as leaves, flowers, cotton, vegetable peels, thread, and even their fingers.

Kids can let their imagination fly and use different colors to make the background and symbolic images. The colors can be mixed together to make delightful colors which might look messy but have great learning benefits.


Kids love stories and storytelling is essential for the development of their imaginative abilities. When they hear a story, their imagination matures and it is expressed through their behavior. According to Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Kids can have their creativity strengthened, improve their thinking process, build their confidence to go beyond the ordinary and basic facts, think the unimagined and provide solutions to myriad issues of life fuel and innovative ideas.

Imagination is a powerful skill that can take kids anywhere and anytime. Storytelling Provide them the opportunities for them to think, create and utilize their imagination to its fullest potential. It is a spark for creative thinking and awe-inspiring creativity.

 Outdoor Activities

Kids love the outdoors and nature has wonderful activities kids can use to spark their imagination. Outdoor has inspired the imagination of some world’s best artiste and kids can explore and play using natural leaves, twigs, plants and flowers for art projects, water balloons games, hula hoops and catch race, scavenger hunt and collections, bake mud pies and muffins, collections of natural items while taking a walk and can be used to create a craft and so on.  They can imagine stories around the collected items and play with them.

Dress Up Activities

Kids are fascinated with different dress styles and love to engage in it. They can dress up and imagine they belong to a profession such as teachers, lawyers, chefs, journalists, doctors, engineers, movie stars, musicians, pilots, CEOs and even parents. This activity puts kids in other people’s shoes with their funny looking clothes, glasses and bags, and other dress up items.  This act helps their creative thinking and enables them to understand other people’s attitudes.

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