8 Online Job Ideas For Students

Set aside the college costs for a moment – just the fact that students have the day-to-day living expenses and not a ton of extra time to work usually equates to a bank account that’s pretty darn nearly empty, especially if they need to pay out student loans.

Fortunately, there are many ways for students to earn extra money.

Today we’re going to focus almost exclusively on online jobs for college students, that is, things you can do from the comfort of your dorm room or apartment.

While our list is certainly not exhaustive, we hope to provide you with some of the most viable options, delivering the right balance of flexibility and profit potential.

Marketing: Ideal for Remote Work

There are many in-demand online professions, but Internet marketing is for you if you love sales and everything related to it. This area is related to finding and retaining customers and meeting consumer demand.

Internet marketer

Internet marketers are becoming more and more in demand because they are connected with sales. The ability to sell on the Internet is highly valued today. A good specialist is deeply versed in one of the tools: analytics, setting up advertising campaigns, SEO. Business always needs such people.

Responsibilities of an internet marketer:

  • studies the market analyzes the target audience and competitors;
  • makes a portrait of the target audience;
  • positions the product, detaches itself from competitors;
  • understands product economics;
  • selects tools and channels for promotion;
  • prepares a marketing plan;
  • evaluates the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

SMM manager

Almost every business has social media to promote it. It is with this digital channel that the SMM manager works remotely. SMM Manager writes posts, selects illustrations, and leads the entire project, budgeting to advertising campaigns.

Responsibilities of an SMM manager:

  • works with texts, photos, and videos;
  • communicates with bloggers and subscribers;
  • leads traffic to the project;
  • draws up a promotion strategy in social networks;
  • sets up ads;
  • evaluates costs and forms an estimate.


Sets up targeted advertising on social networks for a specific target audience. Such advertising hits the target, so it brings in more potential customers. A business needs a specialist who knows how to set up targeted advertising correctly.

 What does this specialist do:

  • launches advertising to a specific target audience;
  • manages the budget;
  • creates creative texts for advertising;
  • conducts analytics.

Programming: in-demand online professions

Salaries in the IT sector are high, but the entry threshold is also high. However, there are professions in IT that can be mastered from scratch and without higher education. This sphere is one of the best options for the students who have student loans.

Web developer

This specialist writes codes in different programming languages, creates websites and web applications. Today in the US, web developers are scarce. As a result, the threshold for entering this profession is low, and salaries are high.

Responsibilities of Web Developer:

  • makes mobile and responsive website layout;
  • is engaged in frontend and backend development;
  • knows how to program;
  • develops applications.


The simplest specialty to start in the IT field does not require higher education. Tester – identifies and fixes errors in software work that developers make.

Responsibilities of a tester:

  • tests software manually;
  • develops automated test scripts;
  • programs in the Java language;
  • prepares test reports, introduces defects.

System Administrator

This specialty was also included in the most demanded professions for student loans holders. The reason is the great demand for people who can support the IT infrastructure of companies and the work of users remotely. No programming knowledge is required.


  • configures a computer network and mail servers;
  • monitors the operation of virtual machines;
  • updates the software;
  • monitors data security.


If you are interested in sales and project management but do not know how it works in digital, pay attention to the remote profession in demand in 2021, the head of an online store. More and more people buy online, and there are more online stores too. The lockdown also contributed a lot to this.

Online store manager

This specialist builds the work of an online store from scratch, understands legal issues and payment systems, chooses a niche and promotes goods, knows what the pricing is based on.


  • determines the target audience of the product;
  • attracts and retains customers;
  • manages promotion and sales;
  • organizes logistics;
  • analyzes the work of the store;
  • supervises the work of the team.

Design: image is in demand

Design is the most creative remote profession on the Internet. The battle for the consumers is growing. Sometimes there are only 5 seconds to grab a person’s attention, and the design often does the trick.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer develops a corporate identity and visual content and owns various graphic editors and layout skills.

What are the primary responsibilities:

  • creates a logo and corporate identity for the brand;
  • develops and prepares presentations;
  • creates infographics and animations;
  • typeset content;
  • working on the visual concept of advertising campaigns.


The 21st century is full of ideas and opportunities for students. You can make money from the comfort of your home with virtually no qualifications. You need to carefully read the list of specialties that we have chosen for you and make your choice. These jobs will definitely help you to cover your expenses and repay the student loans.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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