Un-Clog Local Business Marketing Strategies for Your Plumbing Business!

“Hey, Siri! Find a Plumber near me.” And Siri comes with multiple results! Have you ever thought finding a plumber could have been this easy? We are sure no one has, but now this is the reality, and all this has been possible with the help of local business marketing.  

There are 126,627 Plumbers businesses in the US as of 2021, plumbing companies in the United States, which is proof that plumbers are in high demand. And since multiple companies are running their business, it becomes highly important to be at the top of the search list so that customers reach you before any other service provider. But how is this possible? How can you be on the top of the search list on various search engines? We have answers to all your questions. 

And the answer to your problem is local business marketing specifically for plumbers. So, with the help of using multiple strategies and techniques, you can reach the top of the search list and retain your position and flourish your business. 

Firstly, let’s see what local business marketing is?

The local business marketing is making strategies and plans to target the potential customers in the nearby surroundings, mostly within 50 miles. It is also known as location-based marketing or neighborhood marketing, or online marketing for specific targeted geographical regions.

Local SEO, a subset of local marketing, includes techniques to ensure the visibility of a business in search results, location pages, and online maps for the convenience of potential local customers.

How is Digital Local Business marketing better than traditional marketing methods?

The sole reason to invest in marketing is to increase your visibility and sell your product and services to a larger customer base. Earlier, marketing was done traditionally through pamphlets, magazines, and newspapers ads, but for the last decade, the trend has been changed as digital marketing is a more convenient, customer-friendly, time-effective, and cost-effective method.

97% of users search for local businesses online, and according to Google Adds, there are more than 2.8 million searches for plumbers each month, and the number keeps on rising even while you are reading this post.

The data shows how much people rely on digital search engines to find local services rather than looking at them through traditional methods such as finding ads in newspapers and magazines. And in case of emergency situations like plumbing, no one will have the time to scroll through different sets of magazines to find a number, and people rely so much on their mobile phones that even subconsciously first thing they will do is take out their phones and google nearby plumber.

Searching for services online is the easiest and quickest way to find a service near you, and the best part is Google will show the popular plumbers on the top of the list. Therefore, more customers can find you easily online rather than traditional methods.

Thus, digital local Plumber marketing is a cost-effective technique to attract more customers.

Now, since you are convinced to use digital marketing to increase the visibility of your business, here is your guide to getting on the top of the research pages to connect to your local customers.

Why do we need to be at the top of the search list?

Any business needs to make their presence online to find a customer base, and being at the top of the search list increases their chances to find customers and get higher returns. According to research, if your company isn’t on the first page of Google search, there is a 95% chance that they are going to use your competitors who are above you on the search list.

This is obvious because a person in the state of plumbing emergency will call the first one on the list rather than looking for a specific plumber. However, people also subconsciously feel that the service provider on the top list is the best in the field, and they will not look down the list for a second option.

And to reach this position, Plumber marketing is your tool.

How can You reach a Wider Customer Base with Plumber Marketing?

Here are some of the tips which will help your Plumbing business boom through Plumber marketing:

  • Get a Website for your Business: website is the main gateway for your clients to contact you for your services. Therefore, to mark your presence on the internet, get a website for your business with all the essential information.
  • Four Vitals: There are four vital things you need to keep in mind while getting a website: Contact details for call of action in the top navigation bar, easy to navigate for your visitors, make your website mobile-friendly because mobiles are handy. People use mobiles for almost every research and publish relevant content on the website.
  • Concentrate on Local SEO: at the beginning of your plumbing business, it is always recommended to focus on nearby customers because it will increase your chances of finding permanent customers and reduce the burden of traveling. Therefore, you can make yourself visible to nearby people when they search for Plumbers through search engine optimization.
  • Use Referral Codes and Coupons: it’s a human tendency to attract deals and discounts. And giving discounts on referral codes will give you double benefits as they will increase your reach to a wider audience. Giving discount coupons is another way to attract customers.
  • Collaborate with Other Niche: Collaboration with businesses offering services from different niches will help you get the attention of their followers towards your business, which will further increase your customer base.
  • Social Media is your Tool: if you think social media is only for product-based marketing, you are wrong; even you can promote your plumbing business online and increase your reach because people are using social media for services and products and making connections, and entertaining themselves.
  • Sponsor Local Events: through sponsorship, you can easily get noticed amongst people, as your branding will be everywhere in the event area, which is hard to ignore.
  • Use Feedbacks and Reviews to Improve Your Services: there is always room for improvement, and through feedback and reviews from the customers, you can use these reviews to make your service better. Also, people looking for the services always check the reviews; therefore, you should always provide a quality service to your customers. You only get positive reviews which will further attract more customers to your brand. And higher ranking also means a higher position on the search list.
  • Email Campaign to find new Customers: you can use email campaigns to find new customers by sending them emails with coupons or relevant information.
  • Paid Campaigns: paid ads are a complementing technique to SEO, adding “emergency plumbing,” “24*7 plumbing facilities, ” to your paid ads to get the attention of the targeted audience because most of the time, it is an emergency situation when people require plumbing. Therefore, these keywords will grab their attention.

We all know marketing is not a piece of cake, especially when you do not know the tools and techniques of marketing; this is where digital marketing agencies that offer Plumber marketing will help you. In addition, these agencies are well equipped with the tools to increase your ranking on search engines. So, connecting to a digital marketing agency is the best option because they use various tools and techniques for search engine optimization, which further help your plumbing business boom.

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