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A Brief on Youtube and Social Media Along With Its Scope

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Social media is a great place to advertise products, as the trend is getting more common and bigger. The social media feeds nowadays are full of promotional events, be it for movies, serials, products, business, or any kind of service. People are now avoiding the traditional way to advertise their products because of many issues. It is a bit costly, and this is not a good option for new startups. Also, it is slower to spread. On the other hand, online marketing excels in these qualities.

And again not to forget a wide range of audience. In traditional marketing, there were chances of spreading a product within the area in which that product was advertised. But now, the world is your audience. So it is not so surprising that a sari (clothing) made in a remote village of India sells in a posh area of London. The world is getting smaller and smaller with this.

The credits to this growth can be cited to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Linked In, etc. People are making their pages and displaying their products just as shops do in the markets, from dresses to jewelry, to food items to art and craft; social media is a bustling market now.

YOUTUBE – A significant platform for business promotion

A very significant business in the online platform is youtube channels and vlogging. Many people are getting involved in this profession. Many have started their careers as YouTubers, that is, those who work on youtube by making content videos. The content videos may range from food recipes to DIY’s items, art and craft educational, entertaining, and even some people vlog about their daily life routines and any trip or tour experiences. 

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These videos are of immense help to anyone who wants proper guidance in any work or profession but lack proper knowledge or lack acquaintances in that field; trying new recipes, or learn a new chapter, or make a DIY night lamp, or getting along with what one should carry to go out on tour to almost any places on the earth, youtube provides all the information. Creating a youtube channel is easy, but maintaining that requires a lot of hard work. 

Creating a video without proper information or bad setups will not gain any good viewers. How this works is based on the number of subscribers and youtube reviews. Every channel gets some reviews based on its content. If the review comments are good, then that channel is always recommended by youtube. Also, if a channel has many subscribers, youtube always places those videos at the top of somebody searches for that kind of content.


Some people find it extremely difficult to get a good amount of subscribers despite providing good content on their channel. Actually, the more subscribers the more money that channel gets from youtube. So that is why many people buy youtube subscribers and even buy youtube subscribers reviews. This is unfair because YouTube is a social media platform; all these purchases are a kind of marketing strategy to gain a wide audience and profit.

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