A Guide to buying Pre-owned Luxury Omega Watches

Whether you want to become a collector or you simply want to wear an Omega men’s watch on your wrist, there are things you should know, before you buy your first luxury timepiece. In this article, we will tell you what to look for on your hunt for the right Omega men’s wristwatch, how to know if it is authentic and where to buy a pre-owned one.

What to pay Attention to When choosing Used Omega Watches?

If you want to be happy about the product that you are going to buy, then you need to do a full research on the brand first. This is the only way that you will know which model is right for you. That is because they all have their own specificities that cater to different people’s tastes and needs. For example, you may want a watch that you can bring into your sea dives. Not all of the Omega models will offer you that possibility. But if you have studied the various Omega models, you will know that you need to focus on the Seamaster line. Your accumulation of knowledge will also lead you to learn different information about each model. In the case of the Seamaster, it is James Bond’s favourite, since the movie GoldenEye, which came out in 1995. So, if you aim for the Bond look, this is certainly the right model of pre-owned Omega watches for men, for you to acquire. You can find different models of used Omega watches at marketplace for luxury watches like Chrono24.

What you will also learn through your research, is that the Speedmaster is the model that has been produced for the longest period of time. It became popular in part because NASA chose it for their astronauts, when they went on the moon, after testing all the luxury watch they could think of. In the end, the Omega Speedmaster is the one that passed all the tests. Therefore, if what you desire is for people to recognize your watch or to get the best resell value through time, this model is worth looking into. 

How to know if Your Watch is Authentic?

There is a very simple way to know if your Omega watch is authentic: Each of them has a unique serial number on it, which can be verified by contacting an Omega boutique center. Of course, a forger could have gone through the process of inserting a real number, so it is not 100% proof, but it is still a safe way to know if the Omega watch you want to buy is authentic or not. One thing is certain, though: If the watch makes a ticking sound as the seconds go by, it means that the watch is fake. All Omega watches are entirely silent. 

Another way to tell if the watch was really produced by Omega is to pull the crown, in order to change the time. Doing so should stop the second hand from moving. If it continues to tick away the seconds, it means that the watch is not authentic. If you are looking at one of the Master Chronometer, be aware that these Omega men’s wristwatches are not affected by magnetic fields. Therefore, you can place a magnet at close proximity, and the watch should continue to work, without any problem. 

Where can You buy Pre-owned Omega Watches?

Although you can buy an Omega watch from a private seller, it is always best to go through a registered business. That is if you want to be able to settle potential problems, after you bought the product, if it happened to be non-authentic or if it had issues with it. Going through a private sale will definitely make it harder to get your money back. 

There are online boutiques that have been in business for many years. Look for them, as well as for comments by people who have used their services in the past. A company like Chrono24 is a good example of such platforms. They offer a large variety of watches, which is also important when you decide to buy your first luxury second-hand watch. Here are a few other things to look for, before buying:

  • When buying online, request high-resolution pictures of all parts of the watch
  • Try to get the watch into your hands before committing to it
  • Have a professional third-party look at it, to confirm its authenticity and to give you a report on its actual state
  • Don’t trust certificates of authenticity, unless they are provided to you by known and reliable retailers
  • Ask for an invoice and don’t buy without one

If you follow all of the advices above, you should be satisfied of the Omega watch you will buy, no matter which model it is.

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