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A Look Back On Famous Self-Portraits Artists

Retrospective art caters to the whole journey of an artist. It covers the significant and the insignificant events that happened in an artist’s life. This retrospective art for sale holds great value in the eyes of an art collector. 

The buried meanings in the artwork, the composition, and the background of the art communicate what the artist had been feeling throughout their life. The pieces that depict their journey are termed retrospective art for sale, which people admire and buy.

The Transition

Art is a form to convey a message without words. In the past, artists used it to unwind their thoughts and get relief from their captivating thoughts. 

Before the great renaissance, artists used to paint anything besides themselves. With the arrival of the 15th century, the famous German painter Albrecht Durer broke away from

conventional norms and commenced to paint himself on a canvas. This was when the display of portraits became a new genre that artists would use in the years to come. Many artists’ retrospective art is available for sale to showcase works that revolve around self-portraits.  A great example of this genre of art is Frida Kahlo’s paintings that revolve around her portraits and depiction of her mental state at the time. 

Famous Self-Portraits Artists



The famous German artist began painting self-portraits at the age of 13. He completed an education in the fine arts field and became an established artist at the age of 22. He painted many self-portraits in his twenties and became one of the most famous self-portrait artists. He is perhaps most famous for his self-portrait that he painted at the age of 28. The painting depicts a black background and the artist standing in the foreground with golden locks draping down and a trimmed coat.  This remarkable piece of retrospective art continues to captivate audiences and art enthusiasts worldwide. 


Van Gogh

A name known to many, Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous self-portrait artists. Before painting self-portraits, Van Gogh painted landscapes and depicted nature in his way.  He shifted to portraits when he lacked the money for muses. So, instead, he used himself as a model. He is well-known for his unusual style of paint strokes, which are also depicted in how he painted himself. 



Frida Kahlo traced her roots to Mexico. Her self-portraits showcase a woman in her teens with dark bushy eyebrows and a firm face. A slight mustache infused with rosy cheeks and elongated lips are some of the main features in her self-portrait.  Her self-portrait paintings also endorse depicting natural elements such as animals and plants from her native country. This signifies her deep connection to her home country. 

What made her self-portraits stand out was the fact that she successfully communicated her suffering to people. Frida Kahlo met with an unfortunate incident at age 18, when she nearly escaped death from a bus accident. 

She retired to a hospital, giving birth to her interest in painting self-portraits. One of her famous self-portrait paintings as an artist is “The Broken Column.”  The painting shows metals nails punctured inside the artist’s skin and a column that appears to tear apart her body. This signifies an iron nailthat impaired her for nearly 20 years. 

Her paintings are quite difficult to decipher. Art collectors have their analysis, with each being different.  



This famous self-portrait artist is known for painting parts of her body integrated with nature. An artist of the modern world, she created many art pieces that art enthusiasts appreciate.  Her paintings show a disoriented form of her body. Mendieta successfully disguises herself in paintings so that her “true” self is not revealed to the world.  She infused many modern techniques in her artworks. Some of them received mixed emotions from the audience, while some were praised. 

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