New World Factions Guide: How To Join, Which One To Chooseand Benefits?

Don’t know which faction to join in New World? We tell you how to join them, the differences between each one, what you will get by doing it and the advantages it will bring you.

New World presents us with the possibility of choosing between three Factions once we have advanced enough in the story. Doing so will allow us to take part in the PvP of the game, as well as take advantage of our Faction controlling an area, even earn New World coins

What are Factions in New World?

In essence, the Factions are the three “clans of Aeternum” to join. Within the Factions are the clans created by players that you can join, called Companies in New World. You won’t be able to be part of these clans until you join a Faction. 

What factions are there?

In New World there are 3 Factions that you can join, each with its own lore and motivations:

The Looters

The group is led by Rodger Purcell and carries a green banner with a skull and a hammer. They believe in strength above all else and seek to conquer Aeternum for the glory it will bring to their guild. In essence, they are a military group that will destroy whatever comes their way.

The Union

This faction is recognized because its banner is purple, with one eye framed in a circle and a triangle. They are led by Gyles Tuit, who despises the other two factions without any shame. We are before a group made up of members who believe in arcane powers and want to get hold of the one hidden in Aeternum.

The alliance

Led by Mora Ogwan, fans of the Alliance carry a red banner, with a fist framed in wings. They are religious radicals, and they want to “protect the Spark”, the power behind the island of Aeternum. They have strength, they have power, but you will have to be willing to accept their rigorous dogmas to enter their guild.

Which is the best Faction, which one to join?

No faction is better than the others, at least for the time being. It is possible that the number of members, in the future, will determine which of them has hegemony in the territory, but for the moment the main difference is the Faction Missions they offer you (which are simply to improve the control of your group over the area). That is, except for the advantages of being from the majority Faction, it is irrelevant who you join.

Therefore, the only advice we can give you is to join the faction that most attracts you aesthetically or for its history.

How do I join a Faction?

To join a Faction, you simply have to advance in the main story until the New Alliances mission is activated. Here you will be forced to appear before all the representatives and join one.

What are the advantages of joining a Faction?

We have already discussed some of the advantages of joining a Faction. Here’s all you’ll have access to when you pledge your allegiance:

  • Access to the faction missions exclusive to the one you join.
  • Access to Companies (clans) that are under that Faction (you will not be able to join Companies of rival factions.
  • Access to your Faction’s armor (can be acquired as you level up).
  • Access to New World’s PvP and PvPE modes.
  • If you are in a territory controlled by your Faction, you will enjoy several advantages, such as an experience bonus or less taxes when trading with New World gold.

Can you change faction?

If you need to change Faction (the only logical reason we can think of would be to join the Company of someone you know) you can.

  • Press the K button (default) to open your character tab.
  • On the left side of the screen you should see your Faction’s banner.
  • When interacting with the banner you will have the option to change Faction.

You should bear in mind that changing Faction has some limitations and drawbacks:

  • You will have to pay 100 Azoth to do so.
  • You can only do it once every 120 days.
  • You cannot join the most powerful Faction in the territory you are in. Nothing to do the rat, buddy.
  • You will lose all the tokens of the Faction you were in, having to start from scratch with the new one you join.

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