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A Simple Guide for Designing Kids Bathroom

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Coming up with restroom layouts for your house is tricky, especially when it comes to designing children’s restrooms. An important rule to remember is that it should be more fun than luxurious, and you must keep things practical. 

Like a child’s bedroom, their bathroom is also small and prone to getting messy. As a result, careful design planning is critical. 

The guide provided below will act as a basic walkthrough if you plan on designing your children’s bathroom. For more information on restroom layouts, make sure to check out Victoria Plum.

  1. Materials for Flooring and Walls

Compared to master restrooms, children bathrooms must consider far more than aesthetics in walls and floorings. They should be a safe zone for kids to avoid mishaps when you are not around. 

Therefore, an excellent choice would be to opt for anti-slip tiles as some children are very young and enjoy splashing water around, and these tiles would significantly reduce the risk of slip and fall. 

They are available in a vast variety of colors and styles. You can select any style that complements the child’s room décor. 

  1. Restroom Accoutrements 

There are two key reasons why children’s restrooms do not require costly embellishments. First and foremost, the area’s end-user does not appreciate the presence of high-end furnishings.

Second, because children restrooms are usually smaller, you cannot incorporate bulkier accoutrements. A modest vanity underneath the washbasin with minimal shades is an excellent way to design a small bathroom. 

To keep it kid-friendly, keep in mind that the edges should not be sharp, and there are no jagged grips or knobs. This way, you will reduce the risks of any injuries if your child is careless. 

  1. Restroom Fittings

You can use simple plastic fixtures in children’s bathrooms because they do not require sophisticated interiors. Stainless steel can also be an option for a children’s bathroom. If there is a particular color palette in mind for the restroom, pick plastic fixtures because they come in various colors, making them easy to choose. 

  1. Restroom Decorations 

Kid’s bathrooms should be exciting and entertaining in a way that suits their taste. Adding amusing decorations to the space would only add to the enjoyment factor. 

Display their favorite bath toys and bubble wands, get shower curtains that have their favorite cartoon characters on them or cute animal themes. If you are following a certain theme, you can add little drawings from that subject when painting the walls. 

  1. Proper Illumination

The goal here is to provide your children with the correct amount of illumination so the space is well-lit and they do not slip and sustain injuries. Wall lighting, spotlights, and rear mirror illumination are good options that allow decent lighting and reduce fall risks.

Since the lights above are gentle for the eyes, they are ideal for children’s bathrooms. To make it more secure for the children at night, install motion-sensing lighting. They also function if your children are unable to reach the buttons due to their height.

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