Add Page Numbers to PDF: Quickly and Easily with GogoPDF

Overlooking or forgetting some parts or elements of documents may happen during its creation. These parts can be specific content or page numbers. Perhaps, you are so inclined to convert from one format to PDF that you unintentionally forgot to add the page numbers. This one might be a significant concern if the documents you have include a lot of pages.

Before, adding pages to PDF and other documents can be a challenging and time–consuming scenario. However, with the recent developments of online tools, adding pages becomes more accessible and faster.

Numbering pages is an essential part when working on a specific document. It allows readers and even the writer to navigate within the files easily. Moreover, adding pages to PDF provides for a presentable and organized PDF file.

This article would help you discover and use GogoPDF if you forgot to put pages on your PDF.

Background: What is GogoPDF?  

In this digital age, managing files requires reliable online tools. Web developers made GogoPDF to address issues when using PDF files. Use this web-based tool to add page numbers to PDF. Moreover, GogoPDF is an online platform that assists users in working or dealing with PDF files and documents in other formats.

It is a handy website that offers over 20 tasks, including conversion, splitting, and merging documents. GogoPDF also features tools that can help you protect your file by creating a password. At the same time, it can also help you unlock your documents when you forgot your password.  

Steps: Add Page Numbers to PDF

Organize your PDF by adding page numbers. Follow these easy steps and have your PDF numbered in no time.

Step One: Choose the PDF document that you need to add page numbers. You can upload it by double-tapping the “Select File” or drag and drop it into the toolbox. Wait for a few seconds until the transmission is finished.

Step Two: Then, you need to choose the pages you need to edit and add pages to. With GogoPDF, you may choose which page you would like to start on. Then, save all the changes you made.  

Step Three: Now, you can decide how you want to share your document. You may send the file as an email or copy the link that GogoPDF will provide.

Step Four: Download and save your newly modified, numbered PDF file. You may also share it on any of your social media accounts.  

Awesome Tools from GogoPDF  

View and Edit PDF  

GogoPDF allows users to view and edit PDF files or documents. Since it is a web-based platform, GogoPDF is a more accessible tool than downloading a PDF reader. As a result, viewing and editing are faster and hassle-free. With this, you can renumber, rotate or make a page look bigger with its zoom feature. Do all of these while reading your files. Moreover, since GogoPDF offers an editing feature, you can modify your documents quickly. Whether you want to add shapes, drawings, or photos, this platform is the best one.  

Add Watermarks to PDF  

GogoPDF saves you a lot of time in viewing, editing, and adding watermarks to your PDFs. You have to select a watermark and a file to which you want to apply it. Watermarks can be texts or images. You may choose the font size, style, and color for textual watermarks. Adding watermarks to PDF using GogoPDF will only take a few minutes.    

Repair PDF  

GogoPDF provides an online repair tool for your damaged or corrupted PDF files. Using this platform for repairing PDF is quick and easy, the same as the other tools that GogoPDF provides. With four easy steps, you can fix your documents instantly. GogoPDF will try to restore your files as much as possible. It will try its best to either provide you with a partial or complete restoration. It is important to remember that the results depend on how much damage your files are.  

Merge and Split PDF

Reorganizing your files has never been this effortless. This means that with only a few clicks, you may rearrange the pages of your PDF files. At the same time, you may also combine or merge pages. It means that you can join your previous documents into a single file. By doing so, saving and sharing becomes easier.  

On the other hand, you can also divide or separate PDFs using GogoPDF. By using the split tool, you can separate your files into smaller versions.

Compress PDF  

This one is another important tool from GogoPDF. It takes less than a minute to have your compressed pdf documents. Squeeze your files without sacrificing the quality of their content.   

Delete PDF Pages  

Deleting unwanted documents or pages from your PDF minimizes future problems. Utilize the delete PDF pages tool from this platform to remove unwanted or unnecessary pages.

Why is GogoPDF Preferred by Many?

Optimal Results

This platform only provides you with the best results. GogoPDF maintains the quality of your files. Whether you convert or reorganize them, the content and quality stay the same.  

Effortless Utilization  

GogoPDF is a user-friendly platform. The website provides you with a straightforward process. Thus, requiring less effort on your part. Moreover, given that it processes your files instantly, GogoPDF helps you save time.  

Consumer Privacy  

GogoPDF takes security and confidentiality seriously. The platform operates on a highly secured channel and uses a system that protects the privacy of its users. GogoPDF automatically deletes all uploaded files from the server after one hour.  


You can open and use GogoPDF on major browsers. It is entirely accessible on any browser. You can use it on Linux, Windows, and even the Mac system. It also works well on all devices like your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.  


Adding page numbers to PDF should not be a long and tiring task. GogoPDF is here to help you out. Moreover, it has a lot in store for you. GogoPDF provides you with all the necessary tools for viewing, editing, and converting your files.

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