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Men’s Styling: How To Choose The Right Attire For A Dinner Party

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The date for a dinner party you were invited to is approaching, but there’s a problem, you don’t know what to wear. You want to give a good impression on people, especially if it’s the first meeting. So, it’s good to prepare ahead of time so you can look your best. What you need to remember is, you must look and feel good during the event so you can exude confidence. Having the right pieces will surely make a good impression.

In this article, we’ll help you pick the right outfit and accessories to wear for a date or dinner party. So, keep reading to find out more!

1. Wristwatch or Jewelry

Wristwatches are a regular in most men’s wardrobes. For a dinner party, you would want to choose a wristwatch that can blend with your attire. Usually, Swiss-made watches like Patek Philippe Watches are more expensive than watches made in other countries. However, you shouldn’t go beyond your budget in buying a good-looking wristwatch. Dress watches from different brands can do the trick. In addition to watches, you can also add other jewelry pieces like a ring, bracelet, or necklace.

2.  Formal Shirts

Although polo shirts are suitable for casual lunches during the day, dressing for a dinner date requires more detail. Solid color and striped shirts are appropriate. If you are ready to dress up, you can show your personality with a solid color dress shirt, a plaid shirt, or a more fashionable choice (such as cashmere)! With the proliferation of plaid shirts, it should be possible to buy stylish shirts that fit well from various brands, whether you choose something more upscale like Gucci or something more affordable but still modern from Uniqlo. Formal shirts always allow you to show off your charm at a party.

3. Dark Jeans

Although lighter denim can work during the day or at night, well-fitting dark denim will set off your body and make a formal shirt stand out. Just make sure the formal shirt is tucked in!

Do you avoid formal pants because they seem to be strictly reserved for the office? Do not worry! Chino pants are a great way to dress stylishly without breaking the bank. Navy or blue chinos should usually work. If you want to dress more boldly, why not choose burgundy chinos!

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4.  Blazer / Jacket

A fitted blazer can make you appear taller and more angular. Attention must be paid to the pattern change. If you are starting to experiment with patterns and colors, you will choose one design (blazer or shirt) and two solid colors. If you are willing to choose two patterns and choose a suit jacket and shirt as patterned clothing, pattern proportions are crucial.

Although the patterns may be the same, the spacing between the patterns is the most important. Therefore, if you are wearing a smaller plaid shirt, you can choose a larger suit jacket with window glass. For shoe Loafers, brown leather shoes, or wingtip brogues will match your outfit perfectly.

If you choose jeans, a pair of fashionable sneakers can also do the same! The more formal your pants are, the more you want your shoes to be more formal, making you look like your items were selected according to other standards. The overall accessory that suits your tight-fitting

5. Patterned silk tie

A simple tie can show your personality, so pay attention to details! Want to dress super elegantly? Why not choose a fitted silk tie or knitted tie? Keep the top button of the shirt open. Do not tie the tie knot completely, but place it on the unbuttoned button to relax your outfit. Ties are usually less formal and show a well-dressed feel, making you look elegant.

Another tie option that is very suitable for dates is a novel patterned silk tie with repeating patterns. These beautiful ties have minor repetitive themes related to the theme (animals, lifestyle, sports, music, travel, adventure). From a distance, these beautiful ties are like a touch of bright colors. However, upon close inspection, they reveal a complex pattern and are usually a good conversation starter.

Tips On How To Choose the Best Color of Outfit

The color wheel is the ideal starting point. The color wheel is divided into two colors: warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and cool colors (blue, purple, green). The purpose of using the color wheel is to coordinate the color balance. Ideally, a mixture of warm and cool colors helps to achieve the concept of harmony, where warmer and colder colors offset more intense warm colors.

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According to the color wheel, four central color schemes work. For illustration purposes, if you want your attire to appear more neutral, do not dress too boldly. Instead, focus on the first three color schemes: Monochrome: Includes light (lighter variant) and dark (darker variant) colors that use the same color.

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A famous example is wearing a light blue shirt and navy blue pants. The monochromatic color scheme is an excellent way to dress up elegantly, without the need for too much color experimentation. Similar color schemes are often used with cooler colors to help express a sense of familiarity because there is no strong contrast between colors (from cold to cold). So navy blue pants can be handy with a light green or plaid shirt because these colors will evoke a sense of familiarity. Beautiful. These light green chinos paired with the light blue shirt are a good example!

The ternary colors are the colors that form triangles in the color wheel, namely blue, red, yellow and purple, orange, and green. Choosing two of these colors, such as blue and red, will help create a sense of contrast and balance. Wearing changes can produce good results, such as burgundy chinos with blue shirts! Burgundy pants, blue shirts, and blue shirts are part of the three-color color scheme, which is impressive.  

Complementary color schemes are the boldest color schemes that involve choosing colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel to provide the most substantial contrast, such as blue and orange. The above pants and blue shirt are a fashionable combination, but if you wear your clothes boldly, it will work.


Men’s clothing and accessories are the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. They also help enhance your general style. If you want to attend a dinner party, it’s best to stick to the given dress code. If not, any form of formal attire would do. Just stick to a neutral color palette and maybe add some personal touch to it too.

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