Affinity Fcu Text Scam – All the Details You Need to Know!

Learn how the Affinity CU Text Scam works by reading exclusive facts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Are you a member of Affinity Federal Credit Union? Did you receive suspicious messages regarding your account? Are you able to identify if a message is not authentic? The tagline ‘APFCU’ was used by thousands of people who received messages in the United States

Did you know that some of these messages are scams? What were the contents of these messages? We will analyze the truth about Affinity Text Scam.

The APFCU Scam:

Between July 2022 to the present, APFCU sent several text messages to the contact number of every person. Depending on the message content, the text messages caused a sense of urgency.

Information contained in the message:

The message began with ‘APFCU’. The message informed the customer that their account had been suspended due to suspicious activities. It also provided a number to call APFCU Customer Service to verify activities on the customer’s account.

The message informs the customer that their credit card, debit card, check card or saving account is either suspended or temporarily locked because of a possible compromise. The Fcu Text Message instructed customers to contact the card service number to reinstate/reactivate accounts.

The scammer’s plot:

This is a scammer’s plot, as the customer will call the number in the text because it gives the impression that the account has been compromised and there is an urgent need to do so.

The message was only sent in text format and did not contact customers via email or any other messaging app such as Telegram/WhatsApp. The majority of messages contained only a telephone number for a callback and no website link.

The Affinity Fcu Text scam

The majority of people know that clicking on links in messages will take them to unauthentic third-party websites. The majority of people are aware that these fraudulent links can look like the URLs for official bank websites, but with slight spelling differences. Or the unauthentic link could be shortened by bitly. APFCU’s unauthorized messages do not only provide contact numbers.

Why did the message appear to be genuine?

The bank has the authority to confirm account transactions via SMS. Several customers have mistook the fraudulent messages for official APFCU messages. The Affinity Scam appeared authentic because APFCU provides an SMS helpline number 81508 for help with suspicious account transactions.

APFCU provided a Member Solutions Hub Helpline Number 800-325-0808 for customer service, and STOP service to remove the number of the customer who receives such messages! Even the spam/scam messages looked real to some customers.

Reporting fraudulent messages

To verify or report suspicious activity on your account, you can call the APFCU Member Solutions Hub Helpline at 800-325-0808, or National Credit Union Administration Consumer Assistance Center between 8 am and 17 pm EST at 1-800-755-1030.

Avoiding Affinity – Fcu Text Scam

You may not be able to tell if the number is a scam. You should not reply to these messages, as they could take you to live chat or ask for personal information and payment details via SMS.


It is recommended that you access their official website, or call their customer service at their official numbers to avoid the APFCU scam text. Avoid clicking on any links or calling the number in the Affinity Fcu text scam. You can avoid visiting a fraudulent website or scammer by using this method. Click here to learn about Fraud Prevention Guidelines .

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