All about CBD flowers and CBD oils

If you visit the shops for CBD products on the Internet, you will find a wide variety of products. But, unfortunately, the selection is not made easier by the many products. You should know that you can legally buy the best CBD hemp flower online and enjoy the full benefits of cannabidiol and CBD products.

Besides, having an overview of all CBD products is very helpful.

The following CBD products and legal cannabis forms are:

  • CBD oils
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD pastes
  • CBD on prescription
  • CBD creams and tinctures
  • CBD e- liquids
  • CBD flowers
  • CBD crystals

Those looking for something special can also opt for dosage forms such as CBD bath bombs, CBG products, CBD edibles, etc. However, in the context of this article, only the most well-known methods will be described.

CBD oil

CBD first appeared in the form of oils. The cannabinoid owes its popularity to this dosage form. No other form of CBD is sold as often as the oil. Individual oils can sometimes differ significantly from one another. Different manufacturing processes can be used, the CBD concentration can vary and the carrier oil can also be exchanged.

CBD oils are often used as therapy for corresponding diseases. For example, more and more athletes are taking CBD for improved regeneration. This oil is dripped under the tongue to absorb most of it by the lingual artery. 

With CBD oils, the CBD is mixed with so-called carrier oils. They determine the consistency of the product and are intended to make the cannabidiol metabolizable. Hemp seed oil is usually used as a carrier oil, which comes from the hemp plant and has numerous health-promoting active ingredients such as antioxidants. It also contains omega fatty acids that contribute to health.

Cannabidiol is usually obtained via the CO2 extraction process. However, the CBD detaches from the hemp plant at certain temperatures and pressure. For this purpose, the respective plant parts are placed in a room filled with CO2. This method is the market standard, but there are other extraction methods.

CBD oils mainly come in two forms, either as an isolate of CBD or as a full-spectrum oil, which contains other active ingredients and cannabinoids from the hemp plant (the full spectrum of the hemp plant). In general, one can say that full-spectrum oils are better. Isolates can only be used for particular areas of application.

What are CBD oils suitable for?

The advantage of CBD oils is that they can be taken without any additional tools. Dosing is also straightforward, as you only have to count individual drops.

CBD oils are tolerable for the body, so you don’t have to expect any side effects. They are also entirely vegan. However, depending on the size of the bottle, it can be awkward to always carry the oil with you.

In addition, hemp seed oil has a bitter aftertaste, which many people, especially animals, do not like. When taken orally, cannabidiol needs a particular time before it gets into the organism. That is why CBD oils are suitable for constant consumption. However, in an acute emergency, faster intake methods are recommended.

The CBD flowers

CBD flowers are sometimes sold over the Internet. Often, you have to go to a local hemp shop. All products with CBD are extracted from the hemp plant, more precisely from its flowers.

The cannabinoids, which include CBD, are made by the trichomes of the hemp plant, many of which are found in the flowers. Marijuana is the flower of the hemp plant, and these strains still produce illegal amounts of THC.

CBD flowers are not even allowed to contain more than 0.2% THC. An advantage of flowers is that you can inhale them and the CBD gets into the circulation remarkably quickly. However, a comparatively large proportion is lost since oral intake is much more economical with the active ingredient. Inhalation should ideally be through a vaporizer.

The defining factor of CBD flowers is their closeness to nature. It is a purely natural product. The hemp plant is already armed against fungal diseases by itself. Even fertilizers and the like are hardly used. The light is all that matters to the hemp plant, so some growers encourage their plantation with artificial light. However, if you consult a recognized and reputable manufacturer, you will get a natural and healthy product.

The flair of illegal street marijuana wafts along quietly. However, with CBD flowers, you can make your own CBD products. When CBD oils and generally any products based on CBD are made, the active ingredient is obtained from the flowers of the hemp plant.

So, if you want to make products yourself and want to get more involved in the topic of cannabidiol, flowers are recommended. However, it should be noted that CBD flowers are comparatively rare, as it is difficult to check whether they contain less than 0.2% THC.

Who should use CBD flowers?

If you are fundamentally against fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and the like, you can confidently reach for flowers made from CBD.

In individual cases, you should determine which substances were used to grow the plants. Blossoms are also recommended if you want to experiment and explore new horizons. The fields of application of the flowers are diverse, but you should make sure that nobody confuses the CBD flowers with illegal marijuana.

On the negative side, CBD flowers are always not easy to obtain. Furthermore, there is no reliable guarantee that it actually contains less than 0.2% CBD. You should also refrain from consumption in the form of smoking, which is harmful to your health.

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