The cannabis plant has a lot of extracts; cannabidiol (CBD oil) being one of them. CBD oil is an extract from the cannabis plant with an additional carrier oil like hemp seed oil. The CBD oil is a non-psychoactive extract hence making it good for medicinal purposes used without altering the brain functionality. More study on the CBD oil has shown that it can be used to relieve symptoms of anxiety.  When CBD oil is taken in high amounts it may support sleep. A good night’s sleep is important for overall health and wellbeing. It also contributes to the repair of tissues, memory, and tissue formation. Unfortunately staying asleep can be difficult for other people. CBD oil is being used as an approach to improve sleep hygiene. CBD has demonstrated efficiency for a range of physical and mental health care issues.Pokocbd deals in most premium quality CBD oils and creams. 

CBD can be administered in various forms. We have;

1. Edibles- There are forms of CBD that come in form of substances that are consumed for food. There are blended with CBD. There can be in form of gummies, mints, or truffles. This form of CBD intake is highly recommended for geriatric patients.

2. Sublingual- This is an alternative to the edibles if you are trying to avoid preservatives or sugary foods. Comes in the form of oral sprays and oils.

CBD oil intake.

 The most common dosage of CBD is 20 milligrams up to 40 milligrams. Taking an amount like 160 mg of CBD helps one to fall asleep. There are other methods to administer CBD oil as it comes in various forms. They include; pills, capsules, oils, and vape concentrates. The latter form gets into your body system faster than the other forms. CBD oil my dosage may vary according to different body factors. It’s advisable medically for one to start with a lower dosage until you find the one that works better for you. When CBD oil is used for sleep, most patients don’t realize an immediate effect. Its advisable for one to be patient for the results may not be immediate.

CBD oil supports the endocannabinoid system receptors known to control mood and sleep. The CBD sleep products help one reduce sleeplessness by controlling sleepless-related causes such as stress and lack of rest. The endocannabinoid system has got two cannabinoid receptors in the brain and central nervous system. Cannabinoids attach to these cells and thus the CBD oil interacts with these receptors affecting the sleep cycle.  For one to get the desired results it’s recommended to use CBD oil which contains other components such as lemon balm and passionflower which causes relaxation. The use of these products has caused ease of sleep to the users. Consumption of CBD oil before sleep helps on body physical ability and unwinds the brain causing relaxation.  

Reasons for lack of sleep.  

Lack of sleep can be associated with several factors which include; loud no background noise, pain and restlessness, a medication that alters the sleep cycle, and anxiety or stress. People with more numbers of nighttime awakenings are likely to have more stress hormones in their bodies at night. This is usually associated with insomnia condition. Pain-related sleep problems can be aided by CBD as it eases pain. When such people are administered a dosage of up to 500 mg of CBD oil they tend to fall asleep. These results suggest that CBD oil acts as a sedative suppressing the release of cortisol hormone responsible for lack of sleep. The study also shows that this oil can treat excessive daytime sleepiness. The best CBD is the CBD capsules which are organically formulated to promote better sleep. After taking the capsule it will probably take up to 15 to 20 minutes before you start feeling the effects depending on some it may take more time.

CBD oil improves the symptoms of rapid eye movement REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD). This disorder is associated with poor sleep. In REM behavior disorder causes people to act out physically while dreaming. About 20% of sleep is spent in REM sleep, the usual time for dreaming. This oil may also decrease anxiety and pain which interferes with sleep. For anxiety and depression, CBD oil is used to treat nervous problems through its interaction with the serotonin receptors in the brain. CBD may also interfere with the absorption of certain medicines, like seizure drugs among others. Relaxation helps the brain to enable sleep. This oil should be administered in portions depending on the user. The cannabinoid system may help suppress the serotonin-mediated symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, another condition that causes snoring while sleeping.

Effects of using CBD oil to enhance sleep.

Consumption of CBD oil may trigger symptoms such as diarrhea, drowsiness, vomiting, and changes in appetite, changes in alertness, vomiting among others. It may also trigger increased liver enzymes causing liver inflammation hence best under the care of a doctor for regular blood liver enzyme check. Most patients start seeing the side effects during the first weeks then subside after the dosage stabilizes. Special precautions should be taken by expectant and lactating mothers. CBD oil products can be harmful to the infant or unborn baby. While using the cannabidiol it is advisable to maintain a dosage of 250mg for adults. Another issue about CBD oil is the unreliability of purity and prescription of the products as it is not subject to the same regulations as medicines, which risks its purity. Some products may contain less CBD oil than labeled and others contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) a psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Hence it is not possible to know if the product is safe and has the right contents as stated on labels.

More research and study are needed on the efficacy of cannabidiol as it displays promise as a tool for reducing anxiety and improving sleep. Random controlled trials are required to provide a way-out medically as CBD appears to be tolerated than routine psychiatric medications. Currently, there are no guidelines on the dosage of CBD, in case of uncertainty one needs to consult a medical advisor.   


The hemp plant has had tons of benefits to humans since time memorial. Dating back to the stone age and the middle age, the usage of the hemp plant to cure and heal human-related problems can be traced. Lack of sleep is one of the main issues many face in these modern days. If you are in dire need of a peaceful and nice sleep then better try out the CBD oil. This product won’t disappoint at all. Although CBD oil is gaining popularity among many people much has to be done to get its effectiveness. As much as it may be a sedative it might have some negative effects on the body. CBD works better for the short term and in higher dosage. The best results occur in the first months and fade with time as one continues to use. Cannabidiol may be safer compared to other sleeping aids. When sleeping difficulties are a result of anxiety CBD provides relief from your symptoms so you can sleep longer.

Remember, not all sleep-related problems can be cured by this product. If symptoms persist, visit a physician.

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