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7 Popular Celebs That Don’t Use Instagram

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Social media presence has become an integral part of every celebrity’s online presence. However, as much as Instagram has become an integral part of most celebrities’ life, there are a few exceptions that aren’t available on Instagram. Some celebrities don’t enjoy the limelight that social media platforms like Instagram bring in their lives.

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Jennifer Lawrence

The soon-to-be mother and popular actress, Jennifer Lawrence are one of the first few celebrities who don’t have an Instagram account. Shocking, right? It was back at the beginning of 2014 that she confirmed that she publicly wouldn’t have a social media account by her name. She further reiterated saying that she does use a private social media account that she uses to lurk around but not post anything.

George Clooney

With the kind of popularity and fan love that Clooney has gathered over the years, it was a surprise when his fans found that he doesn’t have any social media presence. He presumably talked about Twitter and not wanting to limit his thoughts to 140 characters on Twitter. So, it didn’t come off as a surprise that he didn’t want to indulge in any form of social media presence.

Scarlett Johansson

Popular for playing the role of Black Widow, Johansson clarified that she doesn’t enjoy sharing her private moments out for the world to probe into. And, this statement was released back in the days when she was still iffy about the situation surrounding her. Assuming that not much has changed, we are pretty sure that her journey to social media won’t be that profound.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Yes, you heard it right. Unlike most of the other celebrities who try to stay away to save their privacy, Benedict Cumberbatch has time and time suggested that the main reason he likes to steer clear of social media is because of its antiques. He believes that he won’t be good at it. For someone who can’t tweet to save his life, we can be assured that his journey to social media won’t be happening.

Daniel Radcliffe

Despite the kind of popularity and fan following that Daniel Radcliffe has, he has stayed away from social media for the better part of his career. It was later in 2019 in an interview that he revealed that being on social media doesn’t make him feel comfortable in the moment. So, it didn’t come off as a surprise to his fans when they came to know that their favorite Harry Potter will probably never come around on social media platforms.

Brad Pitt

Although often in the tabloids for his personal and professional life, Brad Pitt is another popular celebrity who hasn’t given in to the pressure of social media. He revealed to E! News back in 2019 that he is never going to open a social media account. According to him, life is pretty good without a badgering social media account, so he is going to stick to that.

Meghan Markle

Although Meghan did have her personal social media presence in the past, she has now stopped using them completely. It was during the beginning of 2018 that she completely wiped out her social media accounts before she was set to get married to Prince Harry. Since then, any official announcements come via the joint Instagram account she has with Prince Harry.

How many of these celebs are you a fan of? And, let us know in the comments how many of these celebs not having an Instagram account did you know about?

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